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1 Complete the questions. 1 ‘What 's your name 7 “My name's Ben! 2 “What 2" ‘I'm studying computer science! 3° born?’ ‘Twas born in London! 4 ‘Where from?’ ‘I'm from Liverpool! 5 ‘Are ? ‘No, I'm single! 6 a job?" ‘No, I don't. I'ma student! 7 like?’ ‘T like rock music’ 8 Liverpool?” ‘It's in the north- 9 your course?’ “Yes, I'm enjoying it very much: 10 “Do clubs?’ ‘I do go sometimes: AL ‘What doing in your free time?" “like watching sport on television’ 1. Complete the sentences using while, during, or for. 1 Itrained __for__ three hours yesterday. 2. Peter was on the phone an hour. 3 the summer itis often very hot. 4 The children were playing outside their mother was cooking dinner. Nobody listened the lesson, 6 1we were having breakfast, the postman arrived. 5 Complete the text. Use these words, photographs evening CD player room armchairs hevse bedrooms ‘We live in a big (1) house_in Dover. It has five (2) +a living room, a big dining room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms, In the living room there are three (3) and two sofas. There’s a TV, a video, and a (4) - On the wall there area lot of (5) . Ita very beautiful (6) In the evening we sit and watch TV and listen to music 5 Complete the conversation. Use these words. bottle erder steak cooked How drink Would mineral soup Medium main Waiter Are you ready to(1)___order__? Rachel Yes, I'd like the chicken (2) ‘i please. Waiter And for your (3) course? Rachel I'd like (4) » please. Waiter (5) would you like it (6)___? Rachel (7) please. Waiter And what would you like to (8) 2 Rachel A(9) of red wine, please. Waiter Very good. (10) you like a bottle of (11) water, too? Rachel Yes, please.