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Reverse Engineering Services

It is a process of discovering the technological principles of a

device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function
and operation. It is used to copy and replicate an existing part or
tool. The 3D model (data) result from above processes can be
benchmarking, and RP modeling too. Cost can be noticeably cut
down by simplifying and shortening the entire designing process,
skipping trial and error stages

3D CAD Services
Our team has experience of more than 6 years with expertise in 3D Digitization and Reverse Engineering
software like Imageware (IDEAS), Unigraphics-NX, Pro-E- CATIA, SolidWorks, etc for 3D CAD model
generation, we are also expertise with quick surfacing software like Geomagic Studio and providing complete
reverse engineering solutions to our clients with all available Class Surfaces which also includes A-Class
We are providing 3D scanning services by our latest available Scanner systems with high accuracy and
resolutions. Our these services include QC measurements & Inspections (Engineering), Scanning, Reverse
engineering, prototype development- inspection & modeling, etc.

Product Design & Development

Concept Design

Prototype Design

2D Drawings to 3D Model Generation

3D CAD Modeling Services

Design Modifications

3D CAD to part comparison