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Phoenix Lord equipment rules

Phoenix Armour: 2+ save, 4+ invulnerable

Shuriken Bracers: Shuriken cannon

Sword of Asur: As Dire Sword. Add 1 to D6, reroll hit rolls
and to wound rolls/
Banner: All Aspect Warriors within 12" may pass or fail
any Ld test

Phoenix warrior: When dead don't remove model. Any

exarch from same shrine that moves into BtB contact
must make Ld test, success is removed and the PL put in
its place with 2 wounds

Battlefate: Reroll saves

Silent Death: 12" S5 AP1 Assault 3

PW weapon
Blade Destruction: As Executioner (may choose
one enemy to take one hit within 3")
Mask Zar: As banshee mask, units suffer -1 to
Ld for War shout

Scorpion's Bite: +2 Attacks, ignores cover

Shadow's Blade: 1h +3S ccw Rending
Hunter's Claw: 1h PW 2xS 1/2I shuriken catapult against
vehicles adds 2d6
Fear Shadows: When in cover Karandras and any unit he
leads are treated as being in a Night Fight and enemy units
must roll to spot them

Fire Axe: +1S PW. 2d6 pen

Inferno Pike: 18" S9 AP1 Assault 1, melta
Template S6 AP3 Assault 1
Succour of flame: Follows the same rules as the
avatar's weapon immunities
Maugetar: 36" S6 AP3 Assault 4 Rending, Pinning

Angel's Light: Counts as Ghosthelm

Eagle's Blade: Power weapon. On 6 to wound
ignores invulnerable saves
Wind Talon: Range 24" S6 AP4 Assault 6 Any 6
to wound ignores invulnerable saves

Kaelis Mor: +2 S pw weapon built into the Maugetar.

Doubles casualties for determining who won.

Tel Vir, The White Spear

Armour of Death: -1 Ld in combat for enemy

Sight of damned: Never need to roll to spot enemy

Khaine's Lance: Star Lance S8 AP1 counts

as power weapon on subsequent turns

Soul Reaping: Choose models hit.

Shining Light: Anyone shooting at him tests

for nightfight. During nightfight, don't need to
Wrath of Heaven: Deep Strike, Counts as
movement that turn but may act normally.

Xaranthiol, The Flaying Mist

Deaths Shadow: Range 18 S6 AP4 Large Blast, ignores
cover, Rending
Web Void: At beginning of shooting phase enemy models
within 2 take a wound on a 6+. Armour saves as normal

the white flame: Eldar Jetbike with two

shuriken catapults