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Tinto Brass Collection

----------------------As requested by many, here is a collection of almost all of the famous tinto bra
ss films, the master of erotic cinema, and some of the not so famous films like
number 2 abd 5
Please use a torrent cleint like Asureus, bitcomet, etc. if you want to d/l a sp
ecific file.
Due to the size of the torrent, i am using a seperate connection to seed it so a
s to give you the best speed possible.
1) Anna Biella
a rare Tinto Brass related clip featuring the stunning Anna Biella in Giulia.
2) Aprietame.Fuertes.Las.Munecas
3) Cosi.Fan.Tutte.[All.Ladies.Do.It
starring Claudia Koll, Paolo Lanza, Ornella Marcucci, Isabella Deiana, Renzo Rin
aldi, Jean Rene Le Moine,Marco Marciani, Maurizio Martinoli, Luciana Cirenei, Ro
ssana De Pierro, Antonio Conte, Osiride Pavarello, Rosa Maria Pezzullo.
4) cristina garavaglia
Tinto Brass Supermedley
5) Cuatro-[Sus.cuentos.mas.atrevidos.-.Tinto.Brass]
6) Fallo
starring Maruska Albertazi, Virgina Barrett, Sarah Cosmi and Angela Ferlaino.
7) frivolous lola = Monella
Another sexual masterpiece of eroticism from the master of the genre Tinto Brass
. This films tells of the sexual awakening of a beautiful and very flirtatious y
oung virgin named Lola who begins to learn the how to use power of her beautiful
body. Starring the gorgeous newcomer Anna Ammirati as Lola,also starring Serena
Grandi as Lola s sexy mother, Patrick Mower, Mario Parodi, Antonio Salines. Music
by Pino Donaggio

8) Miranda
In this erotic comedy, Miranda is the landlady of a small country tavern who is
looking for a husband, and tries out a variety of men for size
starring Serena Grandi.
9) Monamour
10) Fermo posta Tinto Brass (1995) aka P.O. Box Tinto Brass (1995)
Starring: Tinto Brass, Cinzia Roccaforte, Jasmine Laura Gualtieri, Chistian Mara
zziti and Efica Saffo. Photographed by Dante Della Torre. Written, produced and
directed by Tinto Brass.
In this, his kinkiest film, Tinto Brass plays himself. He is searching for an id
ea for a new erotic film, so he has his secretary read the erotic mail sent to h
im as he imagines the outrageous sexual exploits of the writer. Each of the eigh
t episodes stars some of the most beautiful and erotic women in the world. Beaut
ifully photographed, this is one of Tinto s best films.
11) Paprika - or Life in a Brothel.
Joyous erotic comedy set in the idyllic 'age of innocence' of Italy's bordellos.
A masterful combination of provocative showgirl revue, incisive parody, scandal
ous erotica and tender romance.
Starring Debora Caprioglio, John Steiner and Martine Brochard.
12) Rolls Royce Baby (1975). Rare non-Jess Franco Lina Romay film directed by Er
win Dietrich. Romay plays a popular actress who also happens to be a nymphomania
c. After she picks up Dietrich regular Erik Falk, she decides to enlist Falk as
her chauffeur and he drives Lina (filmed during her mid-1970s smoothly shaved pe
riod) around in her Rolls Royce picking up men and women to have sex with. Also
stars Ursula Maria Schaefer. This strong Soft-X film is actually technically har
dcore, but only sporadically. Fans of shaving scenes will be pleased.
13) Salon Kitty 1976,
starring Helmut Berger, Ingrid Thulin, Teresa Ann Savoy, John Steiner, Sara Sper
ati, Maria Michi, Hilde, Rosemarie Lindt, Paola Senatore, John Ireland, Tina Aum
ont, Alexandra Bogojev, Dan van Husen.
Life in a Wartime German Brothel. where the Soldiers go to relax

14) Senso 45
starring Anna Galiena, Gabriel Garko, Franco Branciaroli, Antonio Salines, Simon
a Borioni, Lordana Cannata, Erika Savastani.
15) Snack Bar in Budapest
starring Giancarlo Giannini, Philippe Leotard, Francois Negret, Raffaella Baracc
hi, Sylvie Orcier, Giorgio Tirabassi, Katalin Murany, Giuditta Del Vecchio, Vale
ntine Demy, Claudio Del Falco, Cyril Aubin, Isabelle Mantero, Loredana Romito, R
oberto Trasarti and Luciana Cirenei.
16) spiando marina
starring Deborah Caprioglio
this is not a tinto brass film, but i included it becouse it has the same techn
ique and starring one of the most erotic italien actresses deborah caprioglio, w
hom made Paprika
17) The key = La Chiave
18) Trasgredire
A brilliant erotic movie (not hardcore) by Tinto Brass. Excellent quality and st
arring Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Baradi, Francesca Nunzi, Max Parodi, Mauro Lorenz
, Leila Carli, Vittorio Attene and Antonio Salines.
19) The Voyeur = Uomo che guarda
Starring Katarina Vasilassa, Francesco Casale, Cristina Garavaglia and Raffaella

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