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Madiwala market City market/Semi wholesale

The visit included interviewing 3 vegetable vendors commonly known as Sabzi

walas and 1temple & Pooja items vendor. We broadly observed the behavior of
buyers and sellers during transactions.
Vegetable Vendor 01:
Items for Sale
Cost Price

Potatoes & Onions only
Potato 18/kg; Onion 27/kg
Potato 12/kg; Onion 20/kg

Daily Business:
STEP 01: 0300-0400 Hours
o Procure items from distributor from depot, Keshavpalya, at above
mentioned costs
STEP 02: 0400-0500 Hours
o Transport the procured items to Madiwala market where Suresh has his
shop area reserved. Transport used is rented pick up track. Suresh uses
the same guy on all business days.
STEP 03: 0500-0600 Hours
o Arrange Potatoes and Onions before customers start coming in
STEP 04: 0600-1100 Hours
o Peak business hours
STEP 05: 1700-1900 Hours
o Peak business hours.
STEP 06: 1900-2000 Hours
o Suresh checks with restaurant if they require items in bulk. If they do,
he asks them to pick it up at a lower price than what he sells them to
general customers.
STEP 07: 2000-2100 Hours
o Winds up shop and takes back items which are in condition to be sold
for the next day.
Suresh works with another member of his family and they divide their work to take
rest when required accordingly.
The pricing of items for sale mostly depend on 2 factors, cost price and
transportation cost. Suresh like other vendors in the market, keeps a margin of
minimum 2 rupees which may go upto 5 or 6 depending on the market rate.
Bargaining generally does not work out in Madiwala market as the price remains the
same in all shops. However, customers never shy from trying out their lucks.