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This is a Capital Ship Bomb 45 .

As the name implies it was 45 in diameter, had a t

hree inch thick steel disc, filled weight was 5,500lb of which approx. 2,120lbs
was RDX/TNT. Designed and constructed in 1942 and used operationally in the same
The bomb was too large for a normal Lancaster to carry it and thus apparently fo
ur were converted to carry it. Quite soon into the program a 38 diameter variant
was introduced and the performance of such was found to be only marginally below
that of the 45 bomb and accordingly the 38 became the chosen size. At this point
in time all Lancasters were either manufactured or converted to carry a bomb of
this size.
The bomb was first used on 27th August 1942 when just three Lancasters of 106 Sq
uadron attacked the German Fleet at Gdynia, specifically the Graf Zeppelin Germany s
first and only aircraft carrier which was being constructed there.
It would appear that the bombs were used on two further occasions; again in 1942
and once in 1943.