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Year 1 Term 3


SSS1.7 Explains how people and technologies in systems link to provide
goods and services to satisfy needs and wants.


ENS1.5 Compares and contrasts natural and built features in their local
area and the ways in which people interact with these features.

ENS1.6 Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between

environments and people.


Teaching & Learning Activities


Explains how people help them.
Depicts and labels components of a system designed to meet needs
and wants, model of a transport system.
Examines the impact of a system on lifestyle and on the environment.
Outlines social and environmental responsibilities when operating in
or using a system.
Identifies similarities and differences between built features in their
immediate environment and those of other locations.
Uses geographical tools to locate and investigate places and a country
in the world.
Constructs pictorial maps and uses these maps to locate real features
Demonstrates an aesthetic appreciation of the environment.
Recognises people from other cultures have differing relationships
with the environment.
Describes interactions with the environment that can affect their lives
or the lives of others.
Activities on: what is transport?
Complete title page for unit either draw own or use existing one.
As a class devise a mind map for different types of transport using it as a means
for discussion. Categorise transport into three categories: land, air and water.
Students complete their own in their scrapbook.
Begin discussing the importance of transport.
Begin 3D Hot Air Balloon papier mache artwork.
Activities on: what can we do with transport?
Complete Ways to Travel children cut out pictures of different types of
transport and paste onto sheet within the categories of Land, Air and Water.
Discuss where different types of transport might be housed/ located and
reasons why eg/ pier, quay, train station etc.
Identify what types of transport are in the local area. Locate images on Google
Read The Hottest Boy in the World linked to the Minton series
Activities on: early transport and road transport
Literacy writing activity Write a procedure about how they arrived at school
Link pictures of types of transport and the people who drive/pilot the vehicle.
Complete sentences.
How does the transport system help us? Benefits and downfalls of transport.
Read Minton books refer to reading program.
Sailing Boat Art
Activities on:railways, water transport and air transport
Literacy writing activity If your car was broken down how would you get to


Read Minton books refer to reading program.

Students are given pictures of different types of transportation to label (use
images from SparkleBox, all except bicycle as covered in Week 6).
Homework Activity - over 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun) the children complete a
transport diary listing all the trips taken during that time. A series of questions
accompany the diary focussing on the importance and necessity of
Activities on: combining parts of a system
Link to Talking & Listening - Children present their transport diaries to the class
or in small groups.
Complete activity We need transport so we can -a series of questions focussing
on the importance and necessity of transportation.
Literacy writing activity write a short recount of a trip on a train. Publish these
onto a carriage outline, colour and decorate to display as one long train.
Making paper aeroplanes and helicopters experiment. Testing which materials
would be best, throwing competition to see whose plane travels the furthest,
measure distances and graph results Maths link.
Read Minton books refer to reading program.
Art wheels sketching and collage.
Activities on: benefits of transport
Look at the advantages and disadvantages of bicycles.
Complete bicycle activity labelling parts of a bicycle and completing the quiz.
Wheels Artwork sketching and collage.
Activities on: disadvantages of transport
Literacy writing activity Why is going to an airport exciting? If we went to the
airport today where would you like to go?
Read and discuss different forms of air transportation and how different the
world would be without this form of transport.
Read Eric and the Mad Inventor by John Sheridan and discuss transport
pollution and solutions.
Complete the activities Problems cause by Transport and Transport Solutions
Activities on: being responsible
Literacy writing activity Recount of excursion, use photographs taken on
excursion to encourage detail and thorough description.
Students research different types of boats, ships, ferries etc making a fact
card with their information.
Effects of transport on environment and people. Introduce idea of pollution,
accidents and habitat destruction. Students are to identify any potential
problems associated with certain types of transport.
Hot Air Balloons Painted Artwork.
Road safety (only brief lesson as this topic should have been covered in Safe Living
Unit early Term 1).

Identify road signs relating to transportation, different signs for different

transport eg/ trains, trucks, pedestrians, cars.
List responsible behaviours when using road, rail, air, water or pedestrian
Literacy activity Argument. Complete writing activity Road Know-How,
devising a new road rule and write an argument supporting their point of view.
An Emergency in Woodside - group activity
Children split into mixed ability groups of 3-4 and must communicate, discuss and
devise a plan to solve the problem. See resources
Groups will present their solutions to the class, a map of Woodside will be
displayed on the SMARTboard to allow the groups to draw their solution over
the map.
Consolidation and completion week



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