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20 Hats Project: Simple hat (with eyelets)


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Simple hat (with eyelets)
Sometimes I just want a mindless
knit - and this hat managed to be
that, with some little twists to keep it
from being totally boring. First,
there is a round of eyelets
introduced into the ribbing section -
you could thread a ribbon through
these for extra oomph - and second,
the decreases are done more
gradually than usual in the hopes of
creating a "conehead" effect.
Otherwise, it's just knit knit knit all evening long!

Dimensions: 12in (30cm) circumference by 5in (12.5cm) height (flat)

Gauge: 20 sts and 34 rows to 4in (10cm) in stockinette stitch in the

1 (partial) skein Lion Cotton-Ease (50% cotton; 50% acrylic) Lake
Colorway [100g/3.5oz to 207yd/189m]
US 6 (4mm) double-pointed needles (or whatever style you use for
knitting in the round)
Stitch markers: 1 of primary color; 7 additional contrasting
Yarn needle

Cast on 64 sts.
Join for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist, and place
marker 1
Round 1-4: (K2; P2) 16 times
Round 5: (K1; YO; K1; P2) 16 times
Round 6: (K2tog; K1; P2) 16 times
Round 7-10: (K2; P2) 16 times

Work in stockinette stitch until hat measures 3in (7.5cm) from cast on
edge (approx. 13 stockinette rounds).

Crown shaping:
Round1: (K8; place marker) eight times
Rounds 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17: (K to 2 before marker; K2tog) eight times
Intermediary rounds: K all sts. Note: there will be two rounds of all knit
stitch between each decrease round.
Round 19: K2tog eight times. (8 sts rem)
Break yarn, leaving a long tail, and thread through live stitches. Drop
stitches from needle(s) and pull tail tight to cinch hole closed.

Sew ends invisibly on inside of hat.

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