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HIHS Sec2 Geography

Agriculture CNY Assignment

World Agriculture Headquarter (Singapore)

for Environment & Health (WAHSEH)
WAHSEH cordially invites you for the annual competition for the Best
Agricultural Practice on the 22th of February 2010.

The competition will take place in the form of an online debate.

Competitors are to tell us why their respective agricultural practices
are the best for the environment and public health. Opponents can
and should counter their arguments in a non-personal manner. Any
insulting comments will be deleted. The initiator will also be

Please practise healthy cyberwellness. Bullies will be dealt with


Competitors are welcome to upload pictures and videos to support

their argument.

Listed below are some guidelines as to how competitors should craft

their arguments.
1. Will the practice cause environmental degradation?
a. Air/Water pollution
b. Soil fertility
c. Desertification
d. Extinction of native fauna and flora
e. Deforestation
f. Global warming
2. How will the practice improve human health?
a. World hunger
b. Malnutrition
c. Super food
d. Occupational hazard

The online debate will take place at HIHS Sec2HUM Geog 2010 Blog –

Each group will first post an minimum 200words essay describing and
explaining why their agricultural practice is the best for the
environment and public health. Thereafter, each group can counter
their opponents’ arguments using the ‘COMMENT’ function.

The winner will be awarded attractive prices and also, WAHSEH’s

utmost admiration.
WAHSEH’s decision is final. Any objections will be ignored.