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Mr Etown Program

Mr Etown Program

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Published by: KJSmith87 on Feb 18, 2010
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Friday, March 27, 2009 Sponsored by

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Leffler Chapel

Mr. Etown EvEning LinE Up
Introduction of the Contestants Group Dance Ladies Love Country Boys by Trace Adkins Lip Sync Question & Answer Session Intermission Crowning of Mr. Etown 2009

toM HagErty

Mr. Founders

And in the green corner, standing six feet, 160 pounds, Thomas “The Tank Engine” Hagerty. Thomas Decker Hagerty hails from Enola, PA. He has been chosen as Mr. Founders’ this year, as well as Mr. Schlosser and Mr. Myer (thank you ladies). He is a Communications major who has no idea what to be when he grows up. Tom likes sports, mainly soccer, swimming, tennis, curling, hockey, equestrian, football, lacrosse, pingpong, and of course…billiards. He can constantly be found in “The Cage” as it is affectionately known, playing some billiards. Also, he is a member of the rising young intramural squad known and feared by many as “The Red Badgers.” Little known fact about T-Hags, his initials, TDH, actually stand for “Tall, Dark, and Handsome.” One out three ain’t bad, right? Serious time: I’d like to thank all my friends and family for being great, all of the time!

HonorabLE JUdgEs
Toni Kuphcella, Director of Student Activities Kathy Christopher, Catering Manager Sandy Spayd, Director of Health Services Dr. Thomas Scheiding, Assistant Professor of Economics Skip Roderick, Men’s Soccer Coach Jeremy Ebersole, Admission Counselor Linda Lokey, Marketplace Card Host

st t Fa Fac rm Fa

“Eat like a bird” is a popular saying meaning to eat very little. However, many birds eat twice their weight in food a day.

ryan Kasyan
Ryan resides off campus with his 6 adorable house mates. He is a Peer Mentor, involved with Emotions, intramurals, and president of the Jake Keeler Fan Club. Some of his accomplishments include winning $5 on a scratch off, having asthma all his life, and being engaged to Mike Azzalina on Facebook. His hobbies consist of collecting hooded sweatshirts, movies, and building replicas of the BSC out of Legos.

Mr. Off-Campus

adaM QUinn
I kick-push my way through life during the drier, warmer months of spring, summer, and autumn. Come winter, I strap in and make turns wherever the snow falls. Capturing light is also a hobby of mine. Hopefully one day you will be exchanging your dollars for my exposures.

Mr. Apartments

Ryan Kasyan was born on the Jersey shore in the town of Point Pleasant. He is a Senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing.

Hi, my name is Adam Quinn and I am going to attempt to describe myself to you with the next 125 words: I like to rock my hood and play it mellow in the fall when maple leaves turn green to yellow.

He would like to take this opportunity to address the recent media attention… “No I am not on steroids, not everyone in this competition is playing unfair.” Tonight he will be performing a tribute to the Women of Pop. MAHALO!

I much prefer the sound of live music to the sounds coming from music television. If you are interested in music, listen to my radio show on Tuesday nights from 10 p.m.-12 a.m. on WWEC 88.3FM, The Sound of Elizabethtown. I have 20 more words, which will be dedicated to my friends and family: I value you all, above everything else.

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The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds.

st t Fa Fac rm Fa

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

Ezra scHatz

Mr. Quads

darrEn FrEHULFEr
Darren is from the small town of Weissport in the mountains of coal country. He plans to someday be a teacher or something else For the Greater Good of society. [51] He can be spotted around campus with his suite mates from 301, listening to his iPod (Jason Mraz or Gavin Degraw for the most part), or doing anything an upstanding gentleman would do (seriously, moms love me). [67]

Mr. Brinser

Ezra Schatz is a senior Business Marketing Major and Theatre Performance Major from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He currently is living in the Quads with his three roommates and his kitten (Unless you’re the RA, than it’s just his three roommates). Some of his hobbies include reading, playing basketball, running, acting, hanging out with friends, skinny dipping in Lake Placida, and sitting alone in the cafe while reading the paper. Ezra would like to thank everyone who voted him onto this stage tonight. He would also like to thank the hundreds of friends he has made over the last four years who have given him all the memories he will cherish forever; his professors that have taught him that staying awake in class actually pays off; his loving parents; and Craig Anderson who will always be the true Mr. Etown. Tonight, Ezra will be escorted by the bite-size beauty, 2006 Etown Graduate, Rosie Ugliuzza.

Darren Frehulfer will be representing Brinser tonight. He is a tone deaf, graceful, super-athlete son of Don and Jenice Frehulfer.

Darren will be using music from every genre tonight in his lip-sync. He will be showcasing his dancing ability for the first time on campus, and this includes his incredibly nimble hips (you can look but you can’t touch). Lastly Darren would like to thank all of his friends for their support in his attempt to get second in the Mr. Etown competition (behind Ryan Kasyan of course).

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It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs, because a cow’s knees cannot bend properly in order to walk down.

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Pigs can’t sweat, farmers use sprinklers and fans to keep pigs cool.

MiKE wHitE
Hailing from the outskirts of Elizabethtown College, Royer Residence, you can see him slipping on ice, eating at the Jay’s, and sleeping in the Library. A zhh dah dmm dmm dmm singer, a wet kayaker, and an avid Taco Bell lover, Mike will be sure to Build up YOUR Buttercup.

Mr. Royer

natE dErr

Mr. Ober

Coming all the way from the metropolis of Turbotville, Pennsylvania, tonight this charmer, escorted by the lovely Miss Kaylyn Parman, is sure to enthrall you in a sensory delight.

Easily the most important and inspiring phenomenon of recent centuries, Nathan Derr has left an unmistakable mark on the world with his stunning good looks and undeniable majesty. Despite the outcries of several cynical critics, most historians and sociologists have reached a general consensus that Derr’s “strong messianic tendencies are entirely justified” and that he will continue to be a shining light to the world “for decades to come, as he has already done for decades.” “The first time I met Nate, at the Nobel Prize awards, he just had us all in stitches the entire time,” recalls Dr. Jeff Wilson of Harvard. “Afterwards, I went home and cried for hours about how beautiful he was.” When not fending off dinosaur attacks or repopulating war-torn countries, Derr can be found lounging in his modest space-palace that orbits the Earth. Says humanitarian Nelson Mandela, “Yeah, he’s just that awesome.” P.S. - Thanks Hilary.

Mike enjoys long walks on the beach, spending his time wandering through the corn fields of home, and just kickin’ back, being Footloose. It’s a life full of awkward moments from random sleep sessions to fun with food. But beyond this, always keep in mind, when it comes to Mike White: Can’t Touch This.

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A donkey will sink in quicksand, but a mule won’t.

st t Fa Fac One cowhide can produce enough leather to make 20 footballs or 18 soccer balls or m ar 18 volleyballs or 12 basketballs. F

Mr. Etown 2009
spEciaL tHanKs to...
Angeline Alessandri & Jillian Roberts Mike Azzalina & Andrea Beard Kevin Smith Judges ECTV-40 Barry Fritz & the Tech Crew Copy Services

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Mr. Etown 2009
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