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Transport refrigeration units (TRUs) keep refrigerated vehicles cold – aiding the
transportation of food and other temperature-sensitive products around the world.
There are 84,000 operating in the UK and they are currently entirely unregulated.

The CO2 emission of refrigerated vehicles in London is
equivalent to a family car driving

2.4m laps around the M25.

London is
home to the UK’s

That’s equivalent to 11,200 circuits of the earth

50 most

TRUs emit 430% more
NOx, an invisible pollutant
that causes breathing
difficulties than a standard
diesel truck engine

Making all TRUs in London
zero-emission would remove the
same amount of particulate matter,
the sooty deposit from diesel, as
taking 327,510 diesel cars or
29,982 trucks off the road

A diesel car and a food
delivery truck travel the
same distance, but the
truck pumps out 164
times the amount of
particulate matter

TRUs travel 84.6m
miles around the streets
of London each year,

pumping 50,000
tonnes of CO2 and
21.8m tonnes of
particulate matter as
they go…


Dearman Engine Company Ltd