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Curs Autocad

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Published by: Alex on Feb 18, 2010
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3D models often need solid surfaces for shading, hiding, etc. Three- or four-sided surfaces are
created with the help of the 3DFACE command. With 3DFACE command the surfaces can be
created anywhere in the 3D space. In this command you can specify different Z coordinates for
the different corners of a face, thus forming a plane in the 3D space.

Command: 3DFACE

First point: Select first point of the first face.
Second point: Select second point of the first face.
Third point: Select third point of the first face.
Fourth point: Select fourth point of the first face.

Once you specify the 1st

, 2nd

, 3rd

, & 4th

points, AutoCAD closes the face from the fourth point to

the first point.

If you want to make some edges invisible, use INVISIBLE option of the 3DFACE command.
Select the invisible option from the screen menu or enter I before picking the first point of the
invisible edge. All the edges of the 3D solid can be made invisible.

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