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Achilles’ heel of an Orphan Child

What I’m about to tell is … a confession of a tormented soul.

In the world of Oscar Wild,
“experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes”!
My mistakes wrapped my future in a Pandora’s Box;
Mystery of a forlorn past,
condemned my ambition to the prison of circumstances.

A harmonious melody of sorrow prevails my conscience,

Every time I live, is a time I see others joy and I feel yenned;
Every time I die, is a time I see him hand taking my repressed puerility,
Leading me to a life I was supposed to live.
Then, the darkness of dawn I fancy paralyzes this dream to come,
… and draws a sad masquerade over me child’s promising face.

It was too early for a child to receive a black rose, as it was

at childhood that I lost my shadow.
At that time, the sun of hope in our dwelling was eclipsed
with an everlasting requiem of doom.
It was then that places breathing history
started leaving me cold.

A father’s love for his family

was all needed to bring the hopeful sun into play.
For others his presence, a legend in their lifetime,
and to me his absence, a cause of a nature’s crime
by the end of the funeral where he’s gone,
A hamlet without a prince our dwelling has become;

While awake and sane, through my grave-shaped window I picture

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
It is all for my mother’s white dress,
It is all for the color that darkened my self-pride.
It is all for I lost my most trusted reference in life,
It is all for I lost you … you dad.

By EL Mehdi Majt
Meant for MAFE’s creative writing competition