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Talking aS Pes About The Hunger Games Considering the enormity of the Hunger Games franchise, it is no surprise that my sister Emily and I are extremely involved with the series. Through these movies, we have been able to ate our own spe- eee cial tradition. This iBook will discuss the oor thought process behind my documentary and the steps that went into making it. ‘When the class frst started diving into the audio docu ‘mentary portion ofthe semester, already knew what 1 ‘wanted to do. This idea had actually surfaced when Twas mak- {ng my Coneept in 60 project, but I didnt think I could do the ‘thought justice in that medium So, I saved the idea forthe audio documentary ‘My biggest challenge that had to deal with right avay ‘was the whole Hunger Games copyright issue. wasn't sure Dhow I was going to effectively tlk about the Hunger Games ‘without using any clips or music. I thought about using an- other person's recording of the famous whistle sound, but it ‘was terrible and I scrapped that idea almost immediately. The Whistle in Question ‘With the lave preventing me fom using actual Hunger ‘Games clips, went for something abit more ambient. I found aclp of background chatter from insidea put that under the prime audio to make it sound lke we'e sit ting inthe movie theater, talking about the Hunger games right before we're going to se it It also made the audio seem, far more...warm, removing that professional ar and giving the conversation a more laid back feeling. wie theater and ‘The ull recording was actually around 40 minutes in length of her and I just taking about the Hunger Games and ‘ur disjointed family. [wanted to make sure l covered all of my bases, justin case I decided to take a slightly different route with the tone ofthe piece. Ultimately I decided to keep it light and focus on the connection thatthe Hunger us through this idea of a tradition [wanted the documen= tary tobe my sister's voice for the majority of the time beeause she was ‘my focal point. We ‘weren't giving a movie re view ofthe Hungers Games itself, but rather talking about the way it has affected us. already new how [felt about it 0 really wanted Emily's input to be the mainline The picture is of her and sme ater senior show for ‘matching band. Ithas no {importance tothe pro , Tjust wanted to embarrass her Coming from that place of her narrative, Ialso thought that doing a straight up interview was way'to formal for this kind of content, I started the documentary out that way actu- ally, but the more I tried to prompt her and she struggled to find words the more I realized that it wasn’t going to work. that way. So instead I began just talking to her and speaking asi we were just sitting inthe theater. Emily became far more ‘open about the subject and forgot about the microphone ‘much faster that way, and Tm happy T chose that route. [twas litle weird to put myself in it when just wanted ito be her, but sometimes the things I said were necessary to ereate a co- hsive narrative ‘The music was really hard to pick at first, because I ‘wasn't really sure what kindof mood I wanted to set. There ‘were plenty of ationy, silly songs out there that could've used but nothing seemed right. desperately wanted to use an actual song from the Hunger Games, but I did't fel ike get- ting sued. I picked the current song mostly forts ambient quality, much ike the theater noise. The conversation was the ‘most important piece and I ddt want anything to overpower that or affect the way someone would listen. Pm honestly still ‘not 100% on the song that isin the final product, but it was, the best around and if spent another hour listening to music was going to explode. ‘Second Place for Song Honesty, this was one ofthe easier projects that Thad to do. wasn't really pressed for time, and I got everything 1 needed the first time. My biggest issue was worked around, nd just had fun, There weren't even drafts ofthe project be- cause Ididitin one sitting. Allin all, 'm really proud of the documentary and T hope you enjoy I've put the full recording below i you're interested, but honestly I took out all of the im- portant stuff ull Tnterview