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Social Media for the Educator

What is

What does it How does it


How do we
access it

What are the


What type of
support is

does Edmodo

What role we
How do you
get started?

What Is Edmodo?
Edmodo is an internet based
social media site for
teachers, students, and
parents to interact and learn
in a digital world.

What Does It Do?

Edmodo allows parents,
students, and teachers to
collaborate, connect, access
homework, grades, participate in
class discussions, poll for
questions/opinions, message,
and share other types of
content securely and at all times
of the day.

How do we access it?

Edmodo is currently offered
in an online platform, a
mobile platform, the App
Store for Apple devices,
Google Play for Google
mobile devices (Android),
and other online App sites.

What are the risks?

Copyright Laws
Inappropriate Content

What role do we
Teachers-Class Facilitators
Students-Class Participants
Parents-Are my children
Administrators-Is it effective?
School Districts-Admitting or
denying teacher/student

I need help!
24-7 technical support.
Over 100,000 articles and access
points designed to get you back on the
right path.
If all else fails and youre unable to
locate an article relevant to your
issues, you can submit an email to

What are the limits?

Afterschool Availability:
Students will need access to
the internet
School ours before and after
would allow access to those
who do not have the
There is an app for
smartphones for those who
have access that way but it

Edmodo is free.
Interactive lessons
Discussion boards
What about everything

Covered Standards

1. Creativity and
2. Communication and
3. Research and
Information Fluency
4. Critical Thinking
5. Digital Citizenship

Standard 1
Edmodo allows and enforces
students to create original
ideas for both personal and
group expression.
Students are able to interact
with peers via interactive
polls and other media.

Standard 2
Edmodo is globally
connected to more than 28
Millions users.
Students use teamwork,
videos, blogs, and online
discussion boards to
complete their projects.
Edmodos global presences
allows our students to
interact daily with other

Standard 3
Students are allowed to
utilize various forms of
electronic learning to collect
the necessary data, interpret
it, and create their original

Standard 4
Teachers can post
assignments to Edmodo,
students can then prepare
and conduct their research.

Standard 5
Edmodo enforces legal and
ethical behavior.
Students will gain an
understanding of human,
cultural, and societal issues
as they relate to technology
from discussions of children
in other parts of the world
utilizing the same resource.

Standard 6
Students understanding of
technology will be
demonstrated through their
projects and daily interaction

Edmodo Promotes
Various Student
Learning Goals

Electronic Field Trips

Electronic Publishing
Group Product Development
Problem-Based Learning
Data Analysis
Simulated Activities
Social Action Projects

Edmodo and
It allows different learning
styles to explore the lessons.
It allows for audio and visual
learners to get a jump start
in lessons with the flip
classroom method.
It allows more for
differentation for the product
and learning process.
It engages the studnent with

Global Communication
Local Communication
Students will interact with their
teachers, parents and peers daily.
Global Communication
Students have the ability to
interact with over 28 million
students across the globe and this
number increases every minutes.
Teacher can communicate with
other teachers, groups, and

Research Suggests
Math homework completed
online. Theyre able to
rewind and replay until they
get their correct answer.
LMS platforms are adding
social features that improve
instructors' ability to utilize
dynamic grouping and
improve communication and

Research Suggests
Becoming Digital Citizens:
One of the benefits of using
social media in education is
that it gives students an
opportunity to develop
digital portfolios that can be
used when applying for
colleges or jobs.
"It allows students to
develop an electronic

Teachers will need to first be
educated on the use of Edmodo.
Conveniently, Edmodo offers training
sessions and webinars at no cost.
Please click here to visit their
education center to learn more about
Edmodo and their offered value.

Teachers will then be able to create
their groups and send invitations to
students to start their enrollment.
Follow up tutorials and additional
trainings are available for parents
involvement in Edmodo.

How I will use Edmodo:
1. Publishing students projects and
2. Students will leave feedback to each
3. Flip classroom implementation- were
the student will watch videos and
read articles to discuss online and in
class the next day.
4. Communication with the parents

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