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James Rachels : The Debate over Utilitarianism

What I expect to learn :

I expect how two people debate Utilitirianism.
Review :
Right actions produce good, and that well is one thing only happiness.The author
mentioned that considerations in your mind makes relevant priorr to your subjec
ted act. It is taken by a reason without hesitations to exclude the adequately m
oral perspective.Happiness is not seeking for something that should not only be
considered.Smart is right in his line of defense against the utilitarianism the
utilitarianism should be considered also The classical utilitarianism is defined
by first actions are judge soley in virtue of their consequences, that right ac
tions have the best consequenses. The improtance of nuances would not be difficu
lt in some aspects if you will do respects the individual privacy. It will consi
der the things which are good by themselves but if ony ig the night actions woul
d they done. Eventually actions are complying to be defensible if they know what
the consequences they do the others are. No one's happines is to be counted as
more improtant than anyone else, independently. and in their own right. When loo
king for a friend we don't consider that friends make us happy, but rather we ar
e actually seeking for happiness and that having friends is the key to our happi
ness. Taking into consideration on your past actions that you have done is also
improtant in making up for your future.
What I have learned :
I learned that Happiness is not seeking for something that should not only be co
nsidered by anything.
Integrative questions :
1.) What is Debate over Utilitarianism.
2.) How do you assess the action of consequences
3.) What will you get after knowing your consequences.
4.) What is Act-Utilitarianism.
5.) What is Independenlt debate Utilitarianism