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What color are you?

Art 1 - Cecil Due: Monday 2/22 Name:

What does color have to do with you?

The clothes you choose, the shoes you wear, the hair on your head, the eyes you see with,
the world around you. Color is just about everything, right? So, I’ll ask again: what color are
you? Not your skin, or your shirt but YOU! What color are you feeling right now?

Entirely fill a page (no white showing) in your sketchbook with materials that you collect this
week (wrappers, papers, doodles, notes, trash, artwork, fabric, food) and add color using pencil,
pen, marker, pastels, paint, lipstick or anything else and create a composition that communicates
your emotions and feelings at this point in the year. It can be expressive or non-obejctive.

Think about:
-Warm colors, cool colors, complementary colors, neutral colors, intense colors, dull colors
-Elements of Art: line, shape, texture, value, color, form, space
-Principles of Design: balance, emphasis, contrast, unity, repetition, movement, pattern

___Objective: Fill an entire page, no white, with colorful materials to share your emotions.
___Design: You used of the elements and principles to create an interesting composition.
___Studio Skills: You used materials to draw or paint as well as found materials to collage
___Presentation: No unnecessary marks. Represents thought and care.

Total: _____/40

How would you describe your emotions or feeling you used for this sketchbook page?

Where did your materials come from?

How is color related to emotion?

This should take you at least an hour or two to complete!

You must include this sheet and answer all parts for a grade!