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February 4, 2010 ‘The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. President, Senate of Maryland State House, H-107 Annapolis, MD 21401 ~ 1991 The Honorable Michael E. Busch Speaker, Maryland House of Delegates State House, H-107 Annapolis, MD 21401 ~ 1991 Gentlemen: We are writing to inform you of a very problematic issue occurring within the office of a member of the General Assembly. It is our understanding that the General Assembly has a longstanding personnel policy prohibiting its employees from running for the Maryland Senate or House of Delegates while they are on the legislature’s payroll. The absence of such a policy would certainly result in inappropriate politicking at taxpayer expense by state employees. Senator Andy Harris is evidently ignoring this policy. His assistant Kathy Szeliga is running for the House of Delegates while collecting a paycheck from the Maryland General Assembly — a clear violation of tne legislature's personnel policy. We hereby request you take appropriate steps to remedy this situation immediately. There can be no doubt that Ms. Szeliga is actively campaigning for the House of Delegates. On her website (, she writes: “fam running for the Maryland House of Delegates in the 7" District.” She continues: “1 look forward to representing you in Annapolis.” She tells readers that she hopes she: “...can count on your vote in the Republican primary.” Her words are unequivocal and undisputable ~ she is a candidate for the legislature. Ms, Szeliga is raising money for her campaign, Her account, Friends of Kathy Sz: filed a campaign finance report with the Maryland State Board of Elections in January. According to the report, Ms. Szeliga accepted contributions from lobbyists and business interests likely to appear before Senator Harris’s committee during the legislative session. Moreover, Ms. Szeliga continues to raise money during the legislative session. According to her Facebook page, she is holding a fundraiser on March 3. Tickets range from $45 to $1,000. Legislators are prohibited from fundraising during the legislative session to prevent the appearance of their support being bought and paid for by special interests, As a legislative staffer, Ms. Szeliga interacts with lobbyists and political contributors everyday during session ~ lobbyists and donors who know that they can influence Senator Harris through Ms. Szeliga by staying in her good graces. What better way is there for a lobbyist to stay in a candidate's good graces than by making a generous and timely contribution to her campaign? Regardless of whether Ms. Szeliga is actively trading on her position in Senator Harris's office to advance her own political career, the appearance of such petty corruption and influence peddling is exactly the thing the legislature’s personnel policy is designed to prevent. In the interest of transparency and good government, we hope you will act expeditiously to remedy this situation, Sincerely, CK Hh offices Wendy Sawyer, Chait of Harford. Chawste-f- Brian Bailey, Chair of Baltimord County Democratic Central Committee 4 Ze Eck yDeroeratc Central Committee