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Application of Theory of Goal Attainment and Nursing Process


to assess the patient condition by the various methods explained by the nursing theory
to identify the needs of the patient
to demonstrate an effective communication and interaction with the patient.
to select a theory for the application according to the need of the patient
to apply the theory to solve the identified problems of the patient
to evaluate the extent to which the process was fruitful


Kings theory offers insight into nurses interactions with individuals and groups within the environment.
It highlights the importance of clients participation in decision that influences care and focuses on both the
process of nurse-client interaction and the outcomes of care.

Mr.Sy (74 years) was admitted in L3 ward of ...Hospital, for a herniorrhaphy on ... for his left indirect
inguinal hernia and was expecting discharge from hospital... the theory of goal attainment was used in his
nursing process.

Major Concepts and Definitions

1. Interaction

A process of perception and communication

Between person and environment
Between person and person
Represented by verbal and nonverbal behaviours
Each individual brings different knowledge , needs, goals, past experiences and perceptions, which
influence interaction

2. Communication

Information from person to person

Directly or indirectly
Information component of interaction

3. Perception

Each persons representation of reality

4. Transaction

Purposeful interaction leading to goal attainment

5. Role

A set of behaviours expected of persons occupying a position in a social system

Rules that define rights and obligations in a position

6. Stress

Dynamic state