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Roney Hooks DISCOGRAPHY ARTIST TRACK LABEL Sonia Pagan Tell Me HB Records. USA ‘The Latin Soul ‘Sonia Pagan ‘Tove is On Our Side TB Records, USA ‘The Latin Sout Sonia Pagin You HB Records, USA ‘The Latin Soul ‘Sonia Pagan ‘Heaven Can You Hear TB Records, USA Me ‘The Latin Sout TDon't Care THE Records, USA Sonia Pagan Hole In My Pocket ‘HB Records, USA ‘The Latin Soul ‘Sonia Pagan Nobody's Foo! ‘The Latin Sout Sonia Pagan SoF'atp TIB Records, USA ‘The Latin Sout Sonia Pagan Solo Tu TB Records, USA ‘The Latin Soul Neko Zhang The Yao Song WellGo USA, Neko Zhang Grab Somebody TIB Records, USA "The Ghost Brothers ‘Hold Your Hand Indie ‘Anisha Nicole Fool No More Base Hit Kitty Kat Getto the Floor TB Records, USA Bell Biv De Voe Tthought it Was Me MCA (Poison) "Certified RIAA #1 Gold Single Billboard Magazine. Poison Album 6 million worldwide Bell Biv De Voe Let Me know Something Mca Bell Biv De Voe Ain" Nothing Changed MCA Bell Biv De Voe “Above the Rim MCA (Hootiemack) **Certified RIAA Platinum, Kathy Sledge Since I Found You Baby, Baby, Baby **Certifed RIAA Gold Status RICCA Tiny Tove Newt Plateau August Wild Time After Fone Next Plateau Force MD's Tonite’ the Nie Razor Sharp/ Sony Force MD's Tet Me Show You Razor Sharp/ Sony Force MDs Why You Want to Play Razor Sharp! Sony on Me Force MD's Voices Razor Sharp/ Sony REMIXES Frankie Beverly & Toy & Pain Capitol Records Maze (Greatest Hits) **Certified RIAA 3 Million Platinum Shalamar Come Together Sony Musi ‘Alexander O'Neal Yoke ‘Sony Musie Babyface TLove You Babe Sony Mus ‘Vanessa Williams ‘Right Stuff Wi ary

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