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Multiplying Polynomials

Warm-up Activity
A) 3(X-2)
B) 3(x+2)
C) -3(x-2)
D) 6y(y-3)
E) 6y(y2-3y)
F) 6y(y2-3)
G) 5x(x+2)
H) 5x(x2+2x)
I) 5(x-2)

You may need more problems to put on the index cards, but these are good
examples to begin with.
A) 3x – 6
B) 3x + 6
C) -3x + 6
D) 6y2 – 18y
E) 6y3 – 18y2
F) 6y3 – 18y
G) 5x2 + 10x
H) 5x3 + 10x2
I) 5x - 10