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Weapon of Mystic Synergy

Legendary Weapon
Artifact (Level 10)

Crafted eons ago on an alternate prime, this weapon was an immortals chance to
develop a bond with her champion without being caught. In the course of time the mortals died
and she grew tired of life without a champion. Hurling herself across the boundaries of time and
space she split herself, a portion came to rest upon Toril. Time and time again mortals would take
her up, but for immoral reasons. Finally a bold group of adventurers ripped her from the hands of
a demigod attempting to conquer a large area of Faerun. Finally in the hands of these
adventurers she spoke of the type of person she sought. They listened and for seven years they
carried her everywhere seeking such a person.
On a cold and damp night as they came into a town they saw something which
gladdened their hearts, a young woman dressed in a simple smock tending a gaggle of children.
As they approached, she seemed to become agitated, the children sank in behind her; she stood
defiant before them and said a single sentence. “If ye be here to harm these children then thru
me ye will have to go for I will not move”. The adventurers were stunned and each tried to assure
the woman they were not of the type to harm children. To no avail though for she stood firm and
the children sank further and further away. Finally the leader of the group and spokesman
stepped to the front and explained what their mission was, why they were there and the joy the
children brought to their hearts as they had been gone for such a long time.
She looked long and hard upon this man, reading him by his clothing and expressions,
looking upon each of them, noting they were not the enemy which took the children. She
explained her reaction to them and the horror she would find morning after morning, dead
children cut and bludgeoned oftimes without heads or other body parts.
These five adventurers vowed to help her and the town if she would but lift up the
weapon and see the result, but not a soul expected what did happen.
When this seemingly ordinary woman picked up the Katana there was a flash of light so bright
that all had to cover their eyes lest they go blind. Then standing before them stood a beautiful
woman in flowing gown with golden hair. “How is this possible, she and I are the same, we are
the same person, so much power so much responsibility, I bid thee adventurers upon this land is
a special place, I need you to take me there, Please take me to Myth Dranor”. Not an adventurer
among them said no and a new quest set out for myth dranor the next morn.
Four months of travel, exploration, and combat took place but on a warn summer day
about noon the six stood at the majestic entrance to the elven great city. She told them they were
needed elsewhere and to be wary as they left the area, the last thing she did was to kiss each
one of them and grant them their hearts desire, some even not knowing it at the time.
As she entered Myth Dranor she knew she did not have much time, the attack was coming, and
she had to work fast. Drawing upon the essence of the mythal and her own divine nature she set
in motion the requirement of the ring wearer, the needs of the wearer and the mythal’s part would
play. She forged a bond between the mythal and this man that would one day return myth dranor
to glory; she forged the bonds with his children to be and his family line. She had to do it, it was
the only way to ensure the survival of Toril and Oerth. Then she walked into the city waiting for the
combat to start and when it did she flung herself into the fountain bursting the bonds between
planes. Calling in a host she tried to aid the city, but to no avail. The 8 day war was over, she was
not needed, so in a quiet place just outside the mythal she went to sleep. Seven centuries she
slept, when she awoke she was once again a blade, this time being brought to bear upon an
innocent child. She twisted and leapt into this child’s hand, with strokes and a slash the demon
died, the child Amyra stared upon the sword in her hands. Many years later Amyra left the
environs of Myth Dranor and forged across forest, land and sea making a name for herself. One
morning she felt a tug, to Shadowdale she went and finding a young man named Galen Cor did
entice him and friends to begin adventuring, staying away from him yet close to watch she
followed him through out his adventures, when he finally achieved his destiny she traveled to
Oerth and succumbed to a nobles drink on purpose.
Myth Synthesis
These weapons shape & size themselves to best fit the wielder often changing from the
weapon it was found as into a weapon the current wielder feels more at home wielding. No matter
the current form they function as the weapon the wielder is actually proficient in and currently has
on their person.
Furthermore, they have the ability to focus magical energy upon a non-magical object
and cause said object to become magical. The goddess grants this upon the wielder of the
weapon and allows the wielder to decide which items are enchanted. She allows only 1 object for
every 2 character levels to be so enchanted and usually keeps a log of what has been created.
The weapon bonus is directly tied to the level of the character, a 1st level to 3rd level character has
a (+1) weapon, a 4th level to 6th character has a (+2) weapon, and so forth.

Items enchanted with this effect also gain the following abilities:
1. A bonus to attributes equal to ½ the bonus the weapon possesses.
2. A bonus to saving throws equal to the bonus the weapon possesses.
3. A bonus to AC equal to ½ the bonus the weapon possesses.

Once 3 items can be enchanted the wielder also receives a +1d6 of force damage to attacks.
Once 4 items can be enchanted the wielder also receives a +10’ increase to movement.
Once 5 items can be enchanted the wielder also receives a +1d6 of force damage to attacks.
Once 6 items can be enchanted the wielder also receives a +10’ increase in movement.

Six items is the maximum a myth synthesis weapon can enchant. Also it only bestows this bonus
upon worn objects, thus other standard weapons and missile weapons can never be enchanted
this way. And while the weapon does not grant as written anything beyond level 20 it would only
be a matter for a GM to list further abilities that it may bestow in epic levels.

Current items that this weapon has enchanted are below.


To use the bond the wielder needs to have the Legendary Weapon Proficiency Feat, this
feat can simply be an extension of the weapon proficiency feat tree or the GM can instead have
the characters search for someone with the feat to teach them or quest for a deity to acquire the
feat. Once the character has the feat then it is possible to bond with the weapon and gain the
following effect.
A character will hopefully bond with the weapon and therefore gain the only true power
that needs bonding to function. Bonding entails not only the obvious combat with the weapon but
also the ritual of bonding. Each time the ritual is performed the wielder gains an elemental arch-
type to change the damage of the weapon. Normally between 1st level and 6th level a character
will perform the ritual for the 1st time gaining the first elemental arch-type “acid”, thereafter the
wielder may only perform the ritual when he/she may enchant 3, 4, 5 and 6 items, gaining the
elements in the following order; “cold at 3rd ”, “fire at 4th ”, “electricity at 5th ”, and finally “sonic at 6th
”. A character who acquires a weapon later in his/her career can make diplomacy checks to catch
up to his/her current level, these checks are made verses a DC of 15 + the current plus of the
weapon, a successful check bestowing the type appropriate for the missed levels and always in
order of precedence. A failed check meaning he/she must wait until he/she achieves another level
before attempting the check again.

Created by Micha Op’Dawnstar

©Michael E. Dunham