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In November,2014, with a training workshop in Kurzeme, the Culture and Education studio Talent city finished
project "Democratic study circles" activities in 2014 (Project No. 2012.EEZ / DAP / MIC / 076).The planned
trainings of the study circle method and the distribution of method in all Latvian reions has come to an end.
During the year,we have prepared 80 study circle leaders and 80 more persons have participated asstudy circles
Here's a review of the project activities, implemented in year 2014: The first training was held in February 2014 in
Vidzeme - Jaunpiebalga and Varini. Theoretical part was complemented by practical sessions in a circle according
to the season and seasonal events. Vidzeme participants shared experience about Shrovetide day celebrations. In
its turn, the creative part of the seminar were "white circles". Spring training was held in Zemgale - Auce and
Glda. Themes - as suitable for springtime - Big Day or Easter and yellow creative circles. Summer trainings
included green circles and the autumn was celebrated in Latgale - Daugavpils and Ilkste. And finally, by
wintertime approaching, the last trainings were held in Kurzeme, Saldus Airites and Pavilosta. Creative circles in
red colour as an autumn maple leaf and late autumn apples.
Society Culture and Education Talent Studio City has collected all the theme applications from the leaders of
study circles, as well as the wishes expressed by the participants to take part in study circles about themes they are
mostly interested in. In total we received 222 recommendations, including themes about environment and ecology
- 42 themes, in the field of education - 48, health issues - 27, social issues - 59 themes, culture 46 themes.
Now the work continues at the places about the lesson planning and adaptation to Latvian conditions .. The best
submitted lesson plans will be available on the project website: In the next project period, in
2015, it is planned to re-visit all four Latvian regions to discuss the study circle method - its dissemination and
implementation. The project's success story is involvement of our partner, an internationally renowned expert in
the study circle method, the Norwegian Adult Education Association expert Sturla Bjerkaker .The guest lecturer
again will revisit Latvia in spring 2015. The project was led by Talent City trainers, creative circles - by artist Gints
Kristjansone, theoretical circles by Rita Liepia but practical circles were prepared with the help of NGOs
volunteers. During the trainings we used materials offered by our partner and expert from Norway - Sturla
Bjerkaker . The material was translated and adapted to Latvian conditions. He is also the co-author of the book
"Learning democratically using study circles', which is available at NGO Talent City resource library. During
trainings we also used the study circle material offered by Children Environment School, as well as the experience
stories from Denmark and Sweden. More information about the project can be found on the project website: The project was also strengthening the capacity of the association participants learned
about the work of NGOs and IT tools. Once a month in-depth interviews were published on project website and
the drawing competition "Circle" has been finished. We have become a member organization of the Latvian Civic
Alliance and the international network - "The Learning Teacher Network" . Next, in year 2015 the exchange of
experience with colleagues in Lithuania and Estonia is planned.
The content of this publication is responsibility of NGO Culture and Education studio "Talent City".