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 (Verbal noun)

Imperfect Tense 

. near future:  +      You two do/ will wrong. Attached Pronouns  Starting verb in a verbal sentence.   They will wrong.   You will wrong.     They wrong.

    You all wrong. You wrong.     You two do / will wrong. distant future:  + .

 Past Tense  .

He wrongs. or PLU.  when the subject is SING. (with verb)  I will wrong. We wrong. (with noun)  I wrong.   _. He will wrong. You all will wrong.

 We will wrong. _ _   They two wronged.  .

. They all wronged.    You all wronged. I wronged.


 near past: .

              Wrong!  .

  Singular Don’t (you two) wrong!    Wrong (you two)!  .

Dual Don’t (you all) wrong!     .

  Plural Wrong (you all)!   Active participle .

he) is being wronged   .    one who wrongs      those who are wronged    (it.

     Past continuous:  .

+  Imperative      one who is wronged  .

+  .   .

.    Don’t wrong! Passive participle when the subject is SING. or PLU.

  We wronged.     Starting verb in a verbal sentence.   You two wronged. .

treated unjustly. he) is wronged 10  .  (266)  He wronged.  Detached Pronouns   You wronged. Negative  Passive Voice    He wronged.   to wrong those who wrong (it.

Singular    Dual  .

  Plural        Passive Voice .