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Full Page

7 1/2”wide X 10”height
1/2 Page
7 1/2”wide X 4 7/8”height
Thursday April 15 1/4 Page
3 1/2”wide X 4 7/8”height
Friday April 16 1/8 Page
Saturday April 17 3 1/2”wide X 2 1/4”height

Please check the ad size purchasing

Full Page ___ $125
1/2 Page ___ $75
1/4 Page ___ $45
Monday 1/8 Page ___ $25
Please use a separate order form
March 1, 2010 for each ad purchased

Date Check box if emailing ad YOU CREATE THE AD
You can submit a ready to print ad.
______________________________________ Ready to print ads should be created in
Name of Business Publisher, Pagemaker or a PDF file.
______________________________________ Email ad to
Person Authorizing Advertisement Complete this order form, attach your payment
and submit it via a Diamond Representative
Street Address Please give specifics on the back of this order form.
______________________________________ Please submit original photos or art work only
City State Zip Code with a return name & phone number on the back of
each item and put all items in an envelope.
______________________________________ No scanned or printed photos or ads
Phone Number as these do not reproduce clearly when published.
______________________________________ Any questions please contact:
Email Address Dawn Griego - Ad Coordinator - 832-226-6645
- Publisher -
or email to
Diamond Representative Traci Mills - Dance Director - 281-229-6512

Please make checks payable to: DDBC or Dickinson Diamond Booster Club
DDBC Member Date received Check number Name on check if different Cash amount