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Home Junction® Inc. Investor Snapshot
Company Overview: [Disruptive, SaaS, Revenue Model is B2B Licensing & Advertising]. Home Junction®, a data technology company and custom
website producer, is uniquely positioned to offer the USA’s First National Real Estate Transaction Platform (“NTP”) complete with over 100 data
layers including a national data-rich MLS layer that, up to this point in MLS history, has been reserved only for ‘brick-and-mortar-Brokers’ servicing
non-internet (i.e. in-office) customers. NTP will be featuring Home Junction’s SpatialMatch®, an embeddable search engine and crowd-sourcing
platform launched in the real estate vertical for portals, banks, media sites, website developers, brokers, and agents. SpatialMatch® revolutionizes
the data interrogation and search process and is the first search platform to fully enable geospatial map-based search with the ability to
simultaneously interrogate dozens of databases in real-time. It also spotlights a highly valuable (i) crowd-sourcing platform, (ii) data repository of
user behavior measuring consumer intent, and (iii) platform for hyper-local advertising.
National Real Estate Transaction Platform: Home Junction® partners with individual real estate brokers and brokerages to launch the USA’s First
Real Estate Transaction Platform (“NTP”). The NTP highlights a national MLS for-sale data layer that is made possible according to a Department of
Justice anti-trust ruling in 2009 against NAR and the MLSs. Home Junction is perfectly positioned as (i) a data technology company specializing in
data feeds and associated search engine capability, (ii) an already-existing “vendor” to the MLSs, and (iii) an already-existing “service provider” to
the real estate professionals. Moreover, existing national real estate national franchises cannot compete as they are forbidden under MLS rules from
passing the MLS listings to a national website. NTP will be a traffic magnet as it will house the first single solution to understanding all housing assets
on a single street: what is currently for sale, for rent, just sold, just listed, not-for-sale, distressed, and all history surrounding each housing unit and
in some cases its owners. An analytics layer will allow comparisons of any geography over any distance. A communications layer on top of the NTP
will enable direct communications between real estate consumers, the partner Brokers of Home Junction, and even advertisers. Major
Differentiators: Only a ‘friendly’ agent-broker vendor and real estate service provider like HJI is positioned for delivery of this NTP platform – all other
players like national brokerages, MLSs, Zillow, Trulia and etc.... are blocked legally or because of their existing covenants and/or
strategies. HJI already has a national footprint and core capabilities perfectly suited for the task.
SpatialMatch® for Real Estate: SpatialMatch® is an embeddable application that functions as a multi-dimensional search engine and crowd-sourcing
platform for portal, media, banking, and real estate websites, including broker, agent, and MLSs. In addition to geo-spatially displaying market, Meta,
and MLS data to prospective buyers, SpatialMatch® also displays details on not-for-sale U.S. properties. When a user chooses a location ‘filter’ (e.g.
housing, school, type of business, etc...), it is represented on the map by color-coded circles, each centered on their respective lat/long coordinates,
with a radius equal to the user-selected distance. When multiple filters are engaged, finding areas that meet all qualifications is as simple as noting
where the circles intersect. Search returns are automatically filtered, so that only those that fall within these overlapping areas are displayed. Real
estate and all other content and meta-data are displayed geo-spatially and ~80 million U.S. properties are included in the database, regardless of
whether or not they are for sale. Users search houses based on any combination of innovative parameters relating to neighborhoods, demographics,
education, lifestyle, topography, geography, and more, thereby enabling users to create and process unique, personalized, and extremely relevant
property searches. Major differentiators: deep and unique data, integrated real-time geo-spatial search in a single unified component. This
technology can be leveraged to display any data, for any purpose, in any vertical, in any country.
Customers/Revenues: [B2B Licensing, B2B Subscriptions, B2B Transactional, B2C Advertising]. There are 3 types of B2B customers; (i) data licensing,
(ii) SM licensing including WordPress custom websites, and (iii) geographic licensing or transactional for NTP. For data licensing, Home Junction,
since Q1 2009, has been servicing many national brand name destination portal customers with deep data content aimed at satisfying and retaining
consumer traffic. SpatialMatch and data products can be embedded or customized to support any enterprise that services consumer traffic on real
estate agent, broker, or portal websites. Data licensing revenues range from $300 - $30,000 per month. SpatialMatch® revenues take the form of
recurring subscription licensing that range from $29 - $20,000 per month. Because SM always knows the exact geographic area that a user is viewing
at any given moment, it is perfectly designed for crowd-sourcing and hyper-local messaging/advertising to consumers. Separately, the NTP revenue
opportunities include significant transactional revenue or geographic licensing (B2B) revenues ranging between $500 -$2,500 per month per territory.
Distribution Strategies: [Partner with Media Companies, Inside sales]. SpatialMatch® sets itself apart as the only real estate search tool that allows
for immediate large-scalable integration with 3rd party partner companies and a custom enterprise solution that allows for a unique user experience
at any point of entry. As an embeddable component, media partners are offered the opportunity for SpatialMatch® to become an integrated white
label real estate marketplace for them to offer next to their own product offerings. In those instances, HJI offers a transactional model, or
alternatively, a geographic licensing model, both of which are turn-key solutions that defer the partner from considering the building of their own
solution. HJI’s business development strategy for data and crowd-sourcing includes delivering white label data solutions to brand name destination
sites with significant traffic. Separately, HJI has just expanded its sales center originally opened in 2012. HJI’s inside sales team sells agents, brokers,
and lenders the monthly licensing of (i) data products, (ii) SpatialMatch, and (iii) custom websites built to house HJI unique products (which will
include NTP geographies).
Market [Real Estate Vertical only]: Approximately $44 billion dollars was generated in gross commissions via homes sold through USA Realtors® last
year. Of that amount, approximately 15% -20%, or $6 -$8 billion, was spent on advertising, marketing, and lead generation. The market size for HJI
products and NTP is conservatively $2 billion per year. Prospective USA users of SpatialMatch® for real estate include approximately 670,000 agents
with websites, 70,000 brokers, all media companies and other operators of websites interested in either (i) creating for the first time or (ii) improving

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their website’s real estate search, user experience, and deal flow from their existing traffic. 70,000 Brokers are the B2B prospects for the geographic
territories in the NTP and media companies share transactional revenue. As the SpatialMatch® and NTP traffic footprint takes shape, future revenue
streams exist for pay-per-lead, advertising at the hyper-local level, and sales of Meta data and analytics. Separate from the USA market, there is wide
international interest in bringing the SpatialMatch® technology to foreign markets. Customization of the SM interface and underlying technology
can be relatively quick and would result in far larger monetization potential than that being contemplated in the projections below.
Management Team: John Perkins, Founder/CEO, over 25+ years in the real estate vertical; Founder/CEO of RealEstateVillage (sold in 2000); COO (sold in 2004); Stanford Graduate School of Business (2005); a licensed agent. Grant Gould, Co-founder/VP Sales, 25+ years in real estate
vertical; Co-founder RealEstateVillage sold in 2000; extensive start-up experience; EVP Aviatech, a leading interactive agency in franchise vertical.
Andrew Wilcox, CTO, over 20 years of experience as a software architect, technical leader, and developer. He specializes in high volume mission
critical systems requiring "five nines" of uptime (99.999%). Mike Ela, Advisor Data Licensing, Co-Founder and CEO of HomeSmartReports, a consumerfacing valuation company; 30+ years’ experience in the fields of data aggregation and real estate information; Co-Founder DataQuick the first online
database company in the USA to solely focus on real estate.
USA ONLY Financial projections: The Company adopted a July 31st fiscal year. Below is a 5 year summary beginning August 1, 2011: (in 000’s)
HJI Only
(in 000’s)
FY 7/31/2012
FY 7/31/2013
FY 7/31/2014
Year 1
Year 2
PCAOB Audited/Projected
PCAOB Audited
PCAOB Audited
PCAOB Audited
Gross Profit
Total Expenses
Income (Loss)
Gross Margin %
Current stage:
 HJI incorporated in California in August 2007, HQ in San Diego, approximately 55 full-time employees
 Data products launched in early 2009, SpatialMatch in Dec. 2010, a complete website line in 2011, LifestyleFinder /Data Apps in 2013/14
 Mature management team with vertical expertise & successful history of start-ups and multiple successful exits
 HJI has raised $10+ million in ‘service exchange’ and private funding from accredited individual investors (No VCs)
 There are three BoD members, all of whom invested between $250K - $700K
 Business model is (i) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), (ii) contract licensing for data, and (iii) transactional or geographic licensing for NTP
 Massive databases have been aggregated and data licensing began in Q1 2009
 Production-level hardware infrastructure deployed & running 24/7/365 at 99.9% uptime
 Core SpatialMatch® technology has been commercially launched in 130+ USA markets
 Distribution channels include partner companies, web developers, MLS, and inside sales
 Major Nat’l customers under contract for data web services (1+ Billion data web service calls/year)
 HJI entry vertical is real estate; other verticals such as finance, insurance, and travel are opportunities
 International opportunities for SpatialMatch® platform are many
 HJI is CASH FLOW BREAKEVEN & PROFITABLE (after non-cash expenditures) on Tax Filings for FY July 31, 2014
 HJI represented by Morrison Foerster legal firm since late 2007
 Fully accounting compliant for IPO or PPM with completed PCOAB Audits for seven fiscal years 7/31/08 thru fiscal year 7/31/14
 HJI operational culture has strongly focused on efficient processes with tight cost containment
Funding needed: Home Junction® is currently seeking Series B private investment from accredited or strategic sources. This investment will be
utilized to expand core engineering and data teams, Dutch-auction series-A stakeholders, expand inside sales teams, identify & secure media
partners, build an international version of a real estate destination portal, and grow the Company.
Exit Strategy: Potential exit strategies include IPO, reverse merger, acquisition, and venture buyout. Home Junction Inc. could be acquired as a
company specializing in (i) data technology, (ii) real estate search (SpatialMatch®), (iii) national transaction platform, (iv) SaaS data products & hosting,
(v) behavioral analytics, or (vi) hyper-local advertising & crowd-sourcing.
Please contact: John Perkins, Founder & CEO, 5580 La Jolla Blvd., #608, La Jolla, CA 92037,, 619-890-2690/cell,

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Confidential, Home Junction, Inc.

Sample Screenshots of SpatialMatch®

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