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Luciferianism and Satanism.

On this brief article i would wish to shed some light upon this subject.

"He who is illuminated with the Brightest Light will cast the Darkest Shadow"
--Andrew Chumbley, Qutub.

Many of us have asked ourselves and to others followers of the occult, about
these two systems, path or "religions", what they are in depth, what lies behind so
much screen and mirror which has been presented to the public specially outside
certain closegroups.
The thousands of indidividuals and groups, orders, organizations, traditions, path,
currents, lodges...which often use these banners in order to denote their pracices
and believes.

To many these two epithets stand for one and the same thing, but I prefer the work
of the alchemist of separation, purification and extracting the alchemical gold of
wisdom, searching for a quintessence that may offer a more holistic perspective
beyond of what has been partially disclosed.

At First sight Luciferianism and Satanism is exactly the same thing; we consider
Lucifer and Satan one and the same entity, which is actually the truth, Lucifer
manifest as Satan and Moloch (the destroyer and the creator) in the Highest
Kllipphotic sphere of Thaumiel. Thus, being two aspects of the same divine entity.

Regardless certain traditions which are based in the work with elementals in a
traditional pagan form, refers as Lucifer as an elemental demon associated to the
Element air, Satan as the "All" or pantheistic great spirit of the Hermetics.
Others consider Lucifer just a Roman pagan God, connected to the planet Venus,
while others make references to the Greek titan Prometheus or even to the Christ

information from other individuals with expertise on the subject. entities. But the concern of the topic at hand is: What are Luciferianism and Satanism? Refer to this web link from Wikipedia for the general idea presented as Luciferianism to the public. mental work with the different aspects of the Self. http://en.(The Mental and Physical Aspect). -Research or books. These ideas are often found among the ones who have educated themselves with their web-browsers or grammar school history books and possess not real gnosis. (The secular Mundane Aspect).org/wiki/Luciferianism There can be found more new age refenrences of what is held as Luciferianism for the general public who base their ideas on secular exoteric knowledge and not on the sacred gnosis granted by the Dark Gods and the sacred keys hidden from the profanes. pamphlets. concentration. scatological research. Gods.of the Gnostics. mammal brain and pineal gland to extract information from the genetic code. I base all my research and studies on three foundations.wikipedia. Demons. (The spiritual Aspect). data. . -Magickal techniques of meditation. archeological. and practice not sorcery or magick. anthropological. specters. which may help the reader to do his own: -Direct Communication with and revelations from the Spirits. ascension and atavistic revival by tapping in dormant part of the conscious and deep mind (sub-conscious) reptilian. forces and powers. which are independent of Human consciousness including my own.

a Anton Lavey and Christianity. especially Roman Catholism are one and the same just two eyes in the same body horrified at the look of each other. the material. Sorcery.Since. Real. Regardless the conception of any particular idea to define what Satanism is. Witchcraft to serve the Will of Satan and His Demons. and the here and now. this holy hate conforms the LHP (sinister path) initiated by Qayin. truly is. And the practice of Satanic Magick. Satanism is the Worship of Satan and His Demons. This idea must be founded in the Gnosis/Truth that Satan is a Sentient. And the Saturnian Logos by the Materialist and those bound by Kama-Manas to the flesh and matter. egotism and carnality. The "Satanism" of the church of Satan (lavey's church) and the hundred of theistic or nontheistic organizations and ideologies influenced by it. are just the revamp of JudeoChristianity and the worship of the Solar Logos in Christianity and new age individuals who focus on the selfor inner "god". Those ideologies are a mockery and disrespectful to Father Satan. For these reasons the Satanism of Lavey and the Theistic Laveyans. Both the "Satanism" of Howard Stanton Levey. The cosmic Demiurge who the Abrahamic religions. . The Church of Satan including its breed and the ideologies of Anton Lavey just serve to define what Satanism is Not. To me personally. Conscious being. The pseudo-Satanism of the Church of Satan and its breed will not be used as reference. Metaphysical.k. the Idea of Satanism which is held both by both Atheistic Laveyans and Theistic Laveyans is more akin to the cult of the Demiurgus (YehovaH/Ialdabaoth) as the religion of the flesh. who are individuals or organizations which try to believe in a literal Satan while being influenced by the ideologies of Laveyanism will be disregarded on this article. Satan is the Foundation and the Cause of Satanism to exist and Manifest. the materialists and the mundane adore Manifests both through the sphere of Saturn ( Jehovah Sabaoth) in Judaism and Islam and Through the sphere of the Sun in the Religion of Jesus of Nazareth and Kostantinos (Catholism) with it thousand of branches. totally Hate toward the creator of the material universe/world entity or entities. Independent. hedonism. a.

Regardless cults such as the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) affirm their tradition originated on the ancient Solar cult of Abion. "Satanism is a way of life based in the sinister tradition granted to us by Hell and most certainly by Father Himself. We find Joy in the sinister. it is the healthy grandest expression of predatory life-of heretical life. According my research and personal gnosis. The History and recount of Satanism is not further than 22 centuries ago. As an aid for the Followers practitioners of the Dark Arts.12-15 does not refer to Satan. I must say that the Adversary (Lucifer) is referred as Samael in the Jewish context.In order to present Satanism in a realistic and modern manifested way this quote from Ecclesia Tenebrarum may help to illustrate."—Res Satanae For the benefit of my readers. Satanism is more modern and recent than Luciferianim. Regardless. I must affirm Satanism originates within the Heretical Gnostic Cults and Christianity. Lucifer or any Demon. While others Devil Worshippers affirm their practices are founded on the traditions of the ancient devotees to Baal. also in the Qayinite tradition. which is a cult to alien forces/energies. some scholars may say the names Lucifer or Satan are not found in the Jewish Bible or Old Testament. but a Human person who was king at the time. I may state that the main difference between Satanism and Luciferianism are found on history and time. The Ha-shaitan does not refer to any particular spiritual entity or being and to denote the enemies of the Jews. . The Helel Ben Shackar found on Isaías XIV.

Thus Satanism opposes these things of degradation and regression into lower forms. each archetype or epithet/name we use defines some of their attributes. Materialism. Carnality.e Christianity and its sects. thus this Ahriman of Steiner is very similar to the "satan" of the Catholic Church and of the Laveyans. simply untangible forces. in this case the internal projection upon the human soul of the god. Impure emotions…which attach the soul and the Spirit( Black Flames) to the putridness of Matter. In order to refer to the True God which is a pure emanation from the Deus Asconditus (the All and One Unknown Divinity which conforms the fullness of Plerona) In order to counter the Vampyric Entity who is the creator of the material world and created living forms specially the humans as organic energetic wells. These ideologies presented by Rudolf Steiner and similar armchair philosophers without praxis on the occult has brought much confusion. In this vision of the new ager mystics this Ahriman and Jehovah/Ialdabaoth are the same. This vampyric being which the Abrahamic and white light religions under many names and is referred as "GOD" also empowers himself through the energies which arise from the Ego. task… Thus is my advice to use the name Samael within Old Jewish related sorcery. forces. thus feeding not only on the worship of his followers. This may show clearly how the pseudo-forms of Luciferianism and Satanism serve the God of the Abrahamic Religions. Helping people to serve Jehovah (the demiurgus) and Christianity itself. The Name Satan S(a)T(a)N or the Pentagrammaton was created by the Gnostics and The Heretical Christians Sects.Even the Dark Gods and Goddesses are nameless. thus producing unharmonious karmic energies within the self. but on human suffering and the attachment of human beings to this life and to matter. under the name of Satan. Violence. from the religions they hypocritically claim to abhor i. Kabbalistic Magick or Qayinite current to the Lord of Death. and this people follow the same god. power. . emanation. They are influence by the ideologies of individuals as Ruldof Steiner Verlag who considered Lucifer as the Higher aspects of the Self and Nature while Ahriman the Lower aspect of the Self and in Nature.

usually only the initiates one in Satanism knows the sacred meanings of the inverted cross. Secrets societies and Brotherhoods. Often we get this number scarified. The Knight Templars. filthiness. egotism…but the God who elevates us to the greatest realms of spirituality. burned by fire or tattooed in our skin as a symbol of Children of Satan. and the Shadow aspect of nightside Tetragramaton HVHI. as well. thus his inverted cross form part of the sacret symbols of Satanism. The inner Sanhedrin. Satanism is properly initiated among the heretic early Christianity. the inverse Qliphotic tree of Nod by Kenneth Grant. the Ophites. . All directed and focused in the honour and worship of Satan and His Demons. And this number contains the 72 goetic demons in ascondito. by St. sacred number of Sorath the aspect of the adversary which opposes the `demiurge" solar logos in this Aeon.Ahriman. Lucifer. for the public is just a symbol of mockery to Christianity. And the 666. Peter who was the first to deny the Nazarene. Set or any other epithet to refer to the adversary from less known traditions. Many of the teachings concerning Satanism and Luciferianism that I present here has been concealed for centuries and may be found among the Nahashites. Forms of Dark Paganism including blood sacrifices and the sacred fire. the carnal. The Practice of Satanism modernly encompasses in a similar way rites of the orthodox Catholic Christianity. The inverted Cross is the symbol of the Satanist. more properly than the pentagram (inverted or one tip up) which is a symbol of Witchcraft and Luciferianism. Satan is not the God of the material world. This inverted cross represents the deniers of God. power and wisdom. the fall of faith. the Rites of the Dark Witches. Cathars.

we may ask them what kind of rituals they wish from us to perform in order to interact with this entities. represented by a human skull. --The adversarial aspect of Saturn. The previous covered material offers a magnificent vision of Satanism and many aspects as far as I am permitted to reveal. Satanism focuses in two main Archetypes and symbologies: --The adversarial aspect of the Sun. Satanism or Left Hand Path is a modern myth created by individuals who never passed the stage of Neophytes or lower grade and have never attained real initiation or adephood. thus we create our own system of Satanic practice. more properly. Now is time to submerge ourselves in the deepest gnosis of Luciferianism. Most teachings and practices are taught to us by the Demons themselves. as the demons manifest as elemental or the pagan gods of nature. Satanism and forms of Left Hand Path considered the entities to be real and that they exist outside the self (considering the entities as part of the self is just an illusion as they project their light upon our souls reflecting upon it as a mirror). Both.. I must clarify that I have not been following any time lapse or chronological method.In Satanism besides the practice of Demonolatry/Demonosophy which is related to paganism. Luciferianism. . the mundane and the god of the Abrahamic religions. and Death to counter the Saturnian (Jehovah-Sabaoth) aspect connected to matter. represented by the sigil of Baphomet of the Knight Templars and the sacred number of Sorath 666. the archetypes of the death gods and the number 13. The ideology of atheistic or nontheistic Luciferianism. Thus we embrace The Devil to counter the solar-god-logos(Helios-Abraxax-Christ) of the Christians including modern white light religions and mysticism.

dark sorcery practices currents and archetypes which may represent the adversary across the history of the world. While the Luciferian cults has been kept by witches who are more often women of the Hekatean. thus dark paganism and witchcraft may be considered Luciferianism. The main difference between Luciferianism and Satanism. Templars. practices connected to/born out from the Gnostics. gnosis.The most ancients' sacred. . Luciferianism is founded on Lucifer the primordial and most holy name of the son of the Dragon. Aradia and Lilithian cults…Etc. is that Luciferianism encompasses all the cults. born from the womb chaos. including monks and priests. The Cult of Lucifer begins in Atlantis. secret and concealed path of the Adversary. Cathars and heretical Christians (greek and roman catholic church). two aspects of the same entity. While Satanism only refers to the cults. Another less known aspect is that Satanism has been mostly practiced by males which are into the darkest aspects of occultism or secret brotherhoods. Lucifer is the God of the witches. Thule and Lemuria. the beloved Master Lucifer who we call in modern times of a decadent world ruled by the solar monotheistic religions and we call Satan. paths. The practice of Luciferianism and the Stelar Cults to Lucifer connected to planet venus the son of the Morning (Lucifer) at the Dawn and Son of the Evening (Noctifer) at the Twilight. Lucifer and Satan are one the same. goes beyond the secular mundane history may date.

intelligence. . where Lucifer is the son-brother of the stellar Goddess Hekate. To re-establish the communion and relationship with them. when our flames were involved by a more etheric astral body than this gross matter. But. spiritual power and divine wisdom.The most well known is the Atlantean current. Atlanteans could perceive these Gods and interact in a tangible way as we do with other organic life forms. Hekate. Lucifer is our spiritual father and creator. Lucifer is our father. he created our spirits/Atma (Black Flames) and also the Demons. Those were the times of the cults of the stellar Gods. Lucifer and the other Demons (witch Gods and Goddesses) were worshipped in Atlantis. she created Him by separating the male aspect of Herself. nevertheless Lucifer kept a great beauty. splendor and magnificent figure of His twin sister. at least of those who still have a black flame or spirit within them to the present time. Luciferianism is the re-discovery of our lost powers and the worship of those Gods and Goddesses of the Primal Craft. not of our mortal bodies or our souls (ghosts) this will be presented in its due time to the public. Lucifer is the God of Beauty. intellect. babilonian) and the solar gods of the more recent religions where mundane knowledge record. That was the time before the cults of the lunar gods (Sumerian/akkadian. great prosperity reigned and technological advanced.

letting his cult to a downfall. Most of the wisdom and sorcery was lost. the survivors spread among the world and some constructed the great Pyramid in Egypt. Set is an initiator in the path and holder of many keys of sorcery. The Archetype of Satan was embraced by Him in order to fight against the solar God (Ialdabaoth/IHVH) since this being has become the most powerful one due to the worship of his followers and the love (attachment) of humanity to his creation. but the modern cults and organizations who claim to follow Set or work with his sorcery are just a mockery and are far from the original Egyptian cult of Set. This cosmic vampire both mundane and magicians honour believes in his foolishness to be the Highest God he call himself Helios and Abraxas. After long. Philosophers as Plato helped to spread the lost wisdom by myths and tales. the name of Lucifer was kept secret and never revealed to noninitiates ones. the Stellar God. then Egyptians replaced Him by Ra. but he became a vampyric God (SetNacht) similar to the Jewish Jehovah. The Egypian Set being a Lunar God was wrathful and with mood swings. Nowadays various occults groups work with the Lunar God: Set. the name of Lucifer re-appeared in Roman cults influenced by the Greeks who recovered knowledge and practices lost by the Egyptians. Just take a look of the power and growth of the monotheistic solar religions and their magick.Lucifer is the Highest God both in Satanism and Luciferianism. Later on. for the Lunar God Set and started a cult to Set. After the Destruction of Atlantis. and work on remanifesting his cult of vampirism and shadow sorcery. the cult of Set was intended to re-manifest. . with time the wisdom and dark sorcery was lost. The Egyptian Dark Socerer/ess replaced Lucifer. this world of pests.

Those who possess the gnosis will keep the Flame Alive and fight these delusions.The Romans only knew one aspect of Lucifer (son of the morning) and his connection to the planet venus. Everything is conceived in the great wisdom of the Lord and He knows His children by the shining light of the Lucifer-Christos which emanates from them. as he or she has replaced within hirself (kama manas) for (buddhi manas). serve and worship the Master. bt with the same purpose and goal to honour. without having idea what they represent. these false forms serve a purpose. and may uncover many secrets among the grimoires and sigils which has been deformed. Even. and is able to see the essence beyond forms or etymologies. May the Flame of the Black Dragon burn bright within. The advanced practitioner harmoniously integrates these principles. Ho Drakon Ho Megas ! . Various New Age and modern Christian groups and individuals nowadays use the names Luciferianism or Satanism and even Left Hand Path. In conclusion Satanism and Luciferianism are one and the same in essence just currents streaming from the same fountain. just for thrill value and get a name or materialistic ends. to keep the wisdom and power concealed and unreachable from the hands of the profane. May we be guided not by man or wisdom of man. When this happens all paths are integrated in one same Goal of magnificent Power and Splendor. the Mighty God of Thaumiel and the Demons. Lucifer Satan. Those who are serious and received the blessings and the Gnosis of the witch Gods work in the restoration of the Ancient Craft. but by the Master Himself.

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