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Workshop: Market Scoping and Reading the

Guidance Task: In order to best coordinate data collection
select one coordinator in the team. Discuss in your team 3
ways you can obtain your tagret information without
conducitng explicit research. What resources can you use? (this
could be a camera phone or even sketchpad).Who will record
the results? What kind of form can you use and how will this aid
in selecting between the two ideas you currently have?
Educational Best Practices: Use of feedback from class and
experience of instructor to stimulate critical thinking,
implementation of best practices in industry and third sector,
demonstration that students can work with 0 finanical capital to
achieve social good, drawing from current research to identify
Instructor Note: Using my experience in market research
consulting (SAI, EOLAS International) I have tailored the lesson
plan to best meet the students’ needs
I am also applying principles from Ops Management and
personal observation in the field to aid students’ learning
Use for Individual Student: Showing how data ROI works
and how this can be used in a practical situation
Transferable Skills Used: Reflection, resourcefulness, optimal
time and etiquette, framing of open/closed questions

Technique Used; Use of prop to draw attention away from
interviewer and onto subject. Sharing of ideas in team to obtain
objective data
Homework Task: (This is an extension of a at previous
employer – a marketing consulting practice in Beijing). Who are
McKinsey? Why are they able to command such a large
premium? What is their market research metholdology and
what value do they add? Who are Nielsen? How are they
different from McKinsey?
Generate 5 ways you could raise money for a social cause in
your country and demonstrate how this relates to attitudes ot
cash. How would you frame your pitch according to
understanding of psychology and relation to the future?
Social Issue:What is the Big Issue? What are the implications for
social entrepreneruship and how does it address the problems
of homelessness in the UK?
What is Biceseter Village? What is its business model and how
does it generate revenue?

New Vocabulary

To aid international communication, we must find a way to
convey our purpose clearly. This also ensures that we remain
goal-focused in our activities
Native Language

Raise heckles


Discussion Session
"The most sensible skill that I can give to somebody born in 2003 is a perfect
command of Mandarin."

Guru Investor Jim Rogers

 With your partner discuss the quotation above
 How would you show your China experience on your C.V.?

Homework Exercise

How can you benefit a Chinese SME looking to enter into a
foreign market? What differences do you see in their approach
to cost management, inventory, staffing and marketing? What
is the best approach to fundraising in the Chinese community?

Further Reading – Researcher Profile

XIaoQIng Li has conducted extensive research on SMEs in China –
investigating innovation and how Intellectual Property in China is
influenceing the rate and style of SME registration in mainalnd China.