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G A B R I E L L E   R O S A


g a b r i e l l e . a r o s a @ y a h o o . c o m  •  ( 5 1 2 ) -­‐ 7 3 9 -­‐ 5 7 8 7 • A u s t i n ,   T e x a s  


C A R E E R   O B J E C T I V E    

Multilingual  individual  in  English
,  Spanish
,  French  
 and  Portuguese  
 seeks  a  position  in  
international  business  operations  that  encompasses  strong  writing  abilities,  analytical  disposition,  along  with  my  
language  and  multi-­‐cultural  background.  

E D U C A T I O N  

 Bachelor of Arts in Spanish - Minor in Sociology, St Edwards University.

May 2013

Masters in Applied Geography, Texas State University.

Fall 2015

Honors:  Dean’s  list  (spring  2010),  (fall  2011),  Alpha  Chi  National  Honor  Society,  Alpha  Mu  Gamma  National  

Collegiate  Foreign  Honor  Society,  Magna  Cum  Laud.
W O R K   E X P E R I E N C E  

Planning  and  Development  Department,  Intern,  New  Braunfels,  TX.  












         January  2013  





                       June  2011  






                       June  2011  





                         July  2011  




       February  2010  



       February  2010  



           October  2008  




Engaged  with  students  and  participated  in  teaching  in  an  E.S.L  Classroom.    

Sabara  Brazil  River  Water  Protection,  Volunteer,  Sabara  Brazil.  


Engaged  in  activities  (reading,  playing,  sports…)  and  lead  reminiscence  groups.  

Covington  Middle  School,  Volunteer,  Austin,  TX.    


Engaged  with  young  teenagers  through  activities  such  as  cooking  and  board  games.    

Austin  Group  For  the  Elderly,  Volunteer,  Austin,  TX.    


Volunteered  at  the  front  Desk  of  the  Hospital  and  in  the  Neonatal-­‐intensive  care  unit.    

Life  Works,  Intern,  Austin,  TX.    

September  2015  

Internship  in  the  volunteer  office,  administrative  work,  assisting  in  coordinating  volunteers.    

University  Medical  Center  Brackenridge,  Volunteer,  Austin,  TX.  


Created  IDs  and  entered  personal  information  of  Mexican  applicants  for  IDs  and  passports.    

University  Medical  Center  Brackenridge,  Intern,  Austin,  TX.  


Archived  the  Planning  and  Development  Library  and  the  city’s  plat  maps,  created  GIS  layers  and  helped  with  
the  creation  of  a  phone  application  for  the  historical  district.    

Mexican  Consulate,  Intern,  Austin,  TX.  


Learned  how  water  plants  work  and  helped  clean  the  river.    

H O B B I E S  

English  horse  back  riding,  trumpet  and  piano  playing.