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You are to develop, implement and analyze a research project. You may choose your
topic. This is to be conducted individually and will be constructed in three phases: 1)
Topic Selection and Hypothesis; 2) Method Selection and Implementation; 3)
Research Analysis and Conclusion

Topic Selection and Hypothesis

1. Research and Process different topics to be researched
2. Develop a research plan that you can easily understand and implement
3. Also, select certain individuals that you will target (EX. Females, Sophomores
4. Write a testable hypothesis (EX. Freshman Boys are more likely to pass Algebra
than Freshman Girls)
5. Use Google Search: Psychology Research Topics if you have trouble selecting a
6. Show me your testable hypothesis before you move to the next phase

Method Selection and Implementation

1. Select a test method for your research known as your test model (EX.
Questionnaire, Survey, Interview, Observation Style)
2. Develop your test
3. Clearly define the terms of who will be tested
4. Show me your test
5. Implement your research by conducting your testing
6. Be sure to keep your test results documented and organized

Research Analysis and Conclusion

1. Analyze your research
2. Determine whether your hypothesis is conclusive
3. Develop an analysis paper 2-3 pages long
4. Be sure to use and included at least 3 references that are related to your topic
5. Make sure you conclude your paper with a proper conclusion determining the
results of your findings
6. Turn in your entire project to me 1) Research Plan 2) Testable Hypothesis 3)
Test Method/Research Model 4) Data related to Research Model 5) Analysis