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sAENcime \Globel David Malpas President February 9, 2010 Republican County Chair po as Dear You may have heard by now that I am planning to run for the US Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand. Allow me to introduce myself and give you a brief update on the process. Lwill make an official announcement in a few weeks. I am currently building a great New York- focused team and reaching out to Republican Party members, county chairs, and elected officials to discuss my campaign. My reasons for seeking this seat are simple: I am running for my family, for the well being of our state, and to change the direction our country is headed under the current leadership. My wife, Adele, and I want our four young children to grow up with the same liberty and opportunities that we had. Unless new leaders arise who will fight for lower taxes, smaller government, strong national security, and stronger family values, we are in danger of losing the culture tiat has made America uniquely free and prosperous. 1am angry about the total lack of leadership from our representatives. I see two New York Senators who vote to ratify President Obama's Washington agenda when they should be working on behalf of the interest of New Yorkers. They should not have been a reliable party-line vote for an overreaching health care “reform” bill. A New York Senator should haye been the first and loudest voice against trying terrorists in Manhattan. I will be that voice, I'm ready to fight for all New Yorkers, to cut taxes, create an environment where businesses can create more jobs, slash regulation, and stand up to the forces in Washington whose policies and legislation run contrary to what we in New York need. As a conservative Wall Street economist, with a decade of high level government experience during the Reagan Administration, I have the skills and the knowledge to make that happen To run this race right, and win, I'll need your support. If we haven't spoken already, [ hope we can in the next few weeks. I'm eager to answer any questions you might have about my views and plans, and to learn how I can best help your constituents and win your support, I will soon have a website promoting my stances on the issues. Until then, I urge you to contact me directly anytime oni Attached is my biography, along with one of my recent Forbes magazine columns (on Washington being out-of-touch). I'd like to hear your thoughts on it and my campaign, I look forward to speaking with you very soon. | 1440 Broadway 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10018 | 212.876.4400