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SoulPreneur Series 6: Spiritual Assessment Test

For each question choose one of the three numbers the fit your closest response: Often = 5,
Sometimes = 3, Rarely = 1. Use the answer sheet provided to you in your email.

1. I experience sudden aches or pains when in the presence of others.

2. The feelings, thoughts and emotions affect me.
3. Extraterrestrial, crop circles, and other non-physical intelligence interests me.
4. I have dreams and/or visions that have nothing to do with my life.
5. No matter how hard I try, I dont lose weight.
6. I long for the elevated love of a spiritual soulmate.
7. I feel like I am being taught during my sleep.
8. I see streaks or sparkles of light, energy or color.
9. I experience anxiety or panic in crowded spaces or places.
10. When I see a loved one suffer, I want to trade places with him/her.
11. I enjoy discussing spiritual topics and ideas.
12. I have a strong sense of spirit or soul, but have difficulty with more mundane day-to-day life.
13. I feel a connection to crystals, plants and/or nature spirits.
14. I feel the presence of God/God Source/Divine Source Consciousness as unconditional love.
15. I want proof or evidence of divine or psychic phenomenon.
16. I long to be in the presence of divine beings.
17. I feel I can communicate with my pets and/or animals.
18. I pray for others to feel the divine love of oneness.
19. I prefer the words divine intelligence than divine love.
20. I can see the big picture but have difficulty communicating it to others.
21. When giving or receiving healing energy, I can feel it flow through my body and/or hands.
22. People tell me they feel comforted when they are with me.
23. I would like a Higher Power to provide me with answers to my questions.
24. I had a problem with drugs and/or alcohol at one time.
25. I feel my intuition as a gut feeling in my stomach.

26. People, even strangers, confide their problems to me.

27. I have ideas for unique products or inventions.
28. I feel the presence of loved ones who are in spirit close to me.
29. I am fascinated by magic and/or spells.
30. I experience unexplained intense feelings.
31. I am interested in energy medicine.
32. I am afraid to be too psychic or intuitive.
33. I am attracted to different body therapies including massage, Reiki and acupuncture.
34. I forgive others easily.
35. I enjoy reading mystical teachings.
36. I enjoy studying channeled teachings.
37. I am interested in Shamanism, Native American mythology, and other earth-based traditions.
38. I desire to be of service to those who suffer physically, emotionally, mentally spiritually.
39. I desire to understand the Universal Laws.
40. I wonder why I am here, on planet Earth.
41. I enjoy practicing in rituals and ceremonies.
42. Much of my day and/or week is involved with helping others.
43. I contemplate what the meaning of life is.
44. I like to daydream.
45. I spend a lot of time in my garden or in the wilderness.
46. I feel what others feel.
47. I enjoy studying the connection between spirituality and science.
48. I live in the present moment.
49. I communicate with the spirits that live in natural objects like plants, stones, and trees.
50. My spiritual path is the path of the heart.
51. I enjoy new technologies and cutting-edge gadgets.
52. I sense or see spirits and/or ghosts .