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The Simple Way

The Simple Way

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Published by dw reading
The Science & Magic of Having it All.
The Science & Magic of Having it All.

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Published by: dw reading on Feb 18, 2010
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With all of this you might think that you can’t do anything with ‘no redeeming social value’
and be following The Simple Way . To that I say, “au contraire, of course you can.” If you
want to sit and watch a silly movie or read a silly book or anything else that doesn’t seem
important…then do it. If what you are doing enhances your life for just that moment that
you are doing it then it is exactly what you should be doing.

Too many people watch the news a lot and watch programs about bad things because they
think they ‘should’ and don’t watch something else because they think it is silly or beneath
them. You do need to be informed so you can make informed choices, but it is truly
amazing how little time you need to spend watching, reading, and listening to the news to
know what’s going on.

Celebrate Your Power

Let The Magic Begin


Besides, your only purpose on this earth is to be happy and the only time there is for you is
the moment that is now. Laughing and smiling and being filled with joy is your power and
your gift to the world.

So enjoy yourself. We will all benefit from your enjoyment.

When enough of us know that following Joy and living a life of gratitude is the source, the
means, of living abundantly the world will be a place filled with Love and abundance

Celebrate Your Power

Let The Magic Begin


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