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Progress Summary: 0-24 months

Use the Key B= Beginning W=Within S=Secure

When writing this in the aspects also put the age band for example B=16-26M
Childs Name:


Date of Birth:

Key Person:



Date Completed:

Characteristics of Effective Learning:

Playing and Exploring (Finding out and exploring, Playing with what they know, Being willing to have a go)
Active Learning (Being involved and concentrating, Keeping trying, Enjoying achieving what they set out to do)
Creating and Thinking Critically (Having their own ideas, Making links, Choosing ways to do things)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Making relationships
Age/stage band:

Self confidence and self awareness

Age/stage band:

Managing feelings and behaviour

Age/stage band:

Physical Development:

Moving and handling

Age/stage band:

Health and self care

Age/stage band:

Communication and Language:

Listening and attention

Age/stage band:

Age/stage band:

Age/stage band:

Links to Specific Areas: (Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding of the World, Expressive Arts and

Comments from the child:

Next steps to support learning and development

Parent(s)/carer(s) comments and signature(s):

Key person: Name