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1. Q: What are the key components of LoadRunner?

A: Virtual User Generator, Controller, Load Generators, Analysis

2. Q: What is scenario in LoadRunner
A: A scenario is a file that defines the events that occur during each testing session, based on
performance requirement.
3. Q: What is Vusers?
A: In the scenario, LoadRuner replaces human users with virtual users or Vusers. Vusers emulate
the actions of human users working with your application.
4. Q: What is a transaction
A: To measure the performance of the server, you define transactions. A transaction represents
end-user business processes that you are interested in measuring.
5. Q: What is the Load testing process?
A: Plan load test Create Vuser scriptsDefine scenarioRun scenarioAnalyze results
6. Q: Do LoadRunner allow for verify Web page content?
A: Yes
7. Q: What is the function name in LoadRunner does verify Web page content
A: Web_reg_find
8. Q: How LoadRunner handle the dynamic values that change each time you use the
A: LoadRunner addresses this issue through "correlation". Correlation saves the changing
values(example session ID) to a parameter. When running the emulation, the vuser does not use
the recorded value instead, it uses the new value( example session ID), assigned to it by the
9. Q: Name a couple fields in the Transaction Summary section of the Analysis
Summary report.
A: Transaction name, Minimum, Average, Maximum, Std. Deviation, 90 percent, Pass, Fail, Stop