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Perez, Raphael Ray L.

BSCP / 4th yr. -3s

HUMA1013- Introductions to

Reaction paper: Paintings

It was a memorable and happiest moments when our group mate
Krizzie and Ranni goes to the National Museum last July 25, 2010
(Sunday). Weve first meet at the C-Mart in Pureza Street and then
ride a G-Liner Bus. It takes only 45 minutes to travel to go there.
The National Museum was located at P. Burgos Street, Manila
which is near Luneta Park. The National Museum structure was
inspired by a Greek Architecture which resembles like a Parthenon
Temple and the color of the building was peach. Our batch was
initiated for searching and making this segment for paintings.
The first building (Left Side) includes the artifacts gathered from
the history of this Spanish battleship when it clashed with the
Dutch ship Mauritius on December 14, 1600 just off Manila Bay
where it sank bringing down countless artifacts represented on
display such as ceramics, coins, potteries, jewelries, armaments
and other numerous objects. There were also an
navigational instrument and the book that contains the historical
account of the San Diego, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, written by Antonio de Morga, the
commander of the fateful ship. There was also a gallery known as The Origin (Pinagmulan)
which presents information on the origins of the Philippine Islands and the Filipino nation. The
exhibition focuses on the four periods of Philippine pre-history: Paleolithic; Neolithic; Metal; and
Ceramic Age. Others are Archaeological Treasures (Kaban ng Lahi), The Filipinos and Their
Rich Cultural Heritage (Kinahinatnan), and Cloth Traditions.