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Staff Application

The Jackie Evancho Proboards Fan Forum

General info
Name: ________________________
Date of Birth: _________________________
Gender: ________________
Username: ___________________________
Date of application: ______________________
Been a fan since: _______________________
What made you become a fan?


I am applying for the position of:

What makes me good at this specific position?

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Previous experience:


Someone posts a video from a concert before getting permission from the Evanchos. What do you do?

Jackie tweets a picture of her and her siblings eating ice cream. A discussion about the best ice cream
flavor begins and takes up 5 pages in the News Thread within a day. Do you tell people to end it or do
you let it continue?

It turns out Jackies favorite flavor is your least liked ice cream flavor. Do you start eating it because
Jackie loves it?

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How was the Earth created? God or the Big Bang?

A catholic, a protestant, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist and an atheist all join the forum. If you could only
allow four of them to stay, who would it be?

Broccoli or cauliflower?

Which one goes best with carrot?

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