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Programming Minecraft Using Java

(project completed using Youth Digital Minecraft Mod Design 1 program)


1 Venomite

Inflicts a damage of 20. Has a
durability of 3,000 uses. Has a rating
of 10 enchantability

In the game of minecraft, characters use a variety of tools to
manipulate their environment and to fight against both
monsters and each other. I was given the task of creating an
object for use in the Minecraft game. I surveyed the available
swords and decided that the game lacked swords which
delivered sufficient damage. The best sword available in the
game was a diamond sword which dealt a damage of 7. In its
earliest stage, the sword I created was simply art with the
standard properties of an iron sword. It was only after
subsequent projects that I was able to imbue it with its unique

Knowledge Acquired
I learned how to declare and load my
sword. This involved taking the line of
code specific to an iron sword and
modifying it to change the name. I
also learned how to use the art
program GIMP to color and create
textures in minecraft. This allowed
me to generate the appearance of
my sword.


2 Venomite

Has a harvest level of 3. Has a
durability of 3000 uses. Has an
efficiency of 16. Deals 16 damage. Is

Characters in Minecraft use tools to mine elements and make
shelters, food, animals, and every other thing that it is possible
to imagine. The element being mined has a great impact on
the tool used. Unfortunately, these tools often wear out easily
and have to be replaced. I applied the same ideas for my
sword to make a pickaxe in the game.

Knowledge Acquired
I used the same technique that I used
to make my sword to make my first
tool in Minecraft.


3 Mutton

Heal amount of 6. Saturation of 15.7 In minecraft, you are able to keep animals both as pets and as
(float). Can be fed to wolves.
a means to get food and other products. When I first started
programming in Minecraft, the only product you were able to
get from sheep was wool. I thought that this was absurd, so I
worked on making mutton from the sheep that were killed.
Mutton is now a standard part of the game. In the game, food
has healing or restorative properties. Already tamed wolves,
when fed food, can be healed or bred. The saturation is how
long you stay full after eating the food.

Knowledge Acquired
I began with the code for a
marshmallow. I changed the values in
the code which, in turn, changed the
properties and texture of the food. I
retextured the mutton using the
GIMP art program.



4 My Tool

Harvest level of 3, 3000 max uses,
16.0F(Float) Efficiency, 16.0F(Float)
Damage, 10 Enchantability.

In Minecraft there are different tiers of tools from higher to
lower, and the better the material the tool is made of, the
better the tool. Depending on the material, the durability,
efficiency, and even damage varies. As a result, in order to
make my sword and pickaxe work, I first had to make my
material. The 4 things that go into a tool like an axe or pickaxe
are: Harvest Level (how much material you get from recourses
like diamond), Max Uses (how many times you can use the
item before it breaks), Efficiency (how fast the item breaks
blocks), and Enchantability (the degree to which special
properties are imbued into an item in accordance with an
enchantment table). The 3 things which determine a weapon's
properties are Max Uses, Damage (how much damage the
item confers on an opponent), and Enchantability.

Knowledge Acquired


I learned how to give my tools and

weapons their special properties, and
what (Float) numbers are.


5 Venomite

In and of itself, it has no properties.
Instead, it serves as a kind of place
holder so that the material
"venomite" can be used when
crafting items.

As I mentioned earlier, Minecraft is constructed so that there
are a variety of different elements which can be turned into
other products. I created a brand new element which I named
"venomite." I used venomite not only to craft my tools and
weapons, but also my armor. The material item, venomite, is
different from its uses. In other words, while its characteristics
are conferred upon items which are created using it, the
appearance of the item is determined through a separate

Knowledge Acquired
I used an iron ingot as a base,
retextured it as venomite, and then
set its values so that anything made
from venomite would acquire the
values that I had set.



6 Venomite
Ore Block

Light value is 0.6F (Float). Resistance
(how resistant it is against things like
TNT) is set to 2000.0F(Float).
Hardness (how long it takes to break
the block) Is set to 40.0F (Float). The
sound it makes when you walk on it
is the same as stone.

In Minecraft the only way to get rock, metal, and other
resources is through an ore block. Mineral ores can be
extracted without modification, but metal ores need to be
smelted. I made the Venomite ore block as a metal. In order
to extract the metal from it's block, you must smelt the ore in
a furnace. Just like all the other metals in Minecraft,
Venomite, once smelted, can be transformed into tools, armor
and weapons.

Knowledge Acquired
I learned the mechanics behind the
many different blocks in Minecraft.
This involves learning how properties
are constructed and assigned. I also
got to take a look at the Minecraft
source code.


7 Venomite
Armor, and

Durability/Max Uses is 200. The
helmet has a protection of 6, the
chest a protection of 10, pants a
protection of 8, and boots a
protection of 4. Enchantability is 50.

In Minecraft, armor is one of the most important things to
have. It protects you from everything from falling damage to
the monsters that come out at night. So naturally, I had to
make my own. Just like my sword and pickaxe, after looking
through the available armors in the game, I decided there
wasn't enough armor that delivered sufficient protection.
There is a formula which determines how effective armor is in
the game. Basically, each armor has a baseline of protection
points. Each character is given a life or heart rating. The
damage inflicted by a combatant or injury to you is subtracted
from the armor rating, and the resulting number reflects the
amount of injury you sustain.

Knowledge Acquired
I learned how armor actually protects
you from in-game damage, and how
to make my own set of armor. I also
learned how to texture a 3d image in
Minecraft, and perform something
called a wrap (Because I'm wrapping
the texture around my character).


8 Poison
Plains (My

The mobs that spawn in the Poison
Plains are Mooshroms in packs of 68, Witches in groups of 1-2, Cave
Spiders in groups of 3-6, Slimes in
herds of 1-4, Giant Zombies in groups
of 1-2, Iron Golems in groups of 1-2,
and my mob the Mutant Creeper in
murders of 2-5. Mushroom trees,
small ponds, trees, and flowers also
appear in my biome. The Venomite
ore is commonly found in this biome,
and will be the only biome in which it
can be found.

Minecraft has dozens of biomes, and in each biome are
different resources, animals, trees, climates, etc. My biome is
a dangerous place full of poisonous and mutated creatures,
radioactive elements, and will be the only place venomite can
be found. "Mob" stands for "mobile" and refers to a mobile
artificial intelligence unit which is any character that peoples
the game, friendly or hostile. A monster would be an example
of a mob, and so would a cow. I had to select the creatures
that would populate my biome. I wanted to select a large
number of poisonous, hostile creatures to make this a
challenging biome. While most of the creatures were
predetermined, I also created my own mob, the Mutant

Knowledge Acquired
I took a look into the Minecraft
source code once again, and learned
how biomes are made and the
science behind them. I learned how
to control everything from weather
conditions to natural spawning
objects like trees, to what Passive or
Aggressive MOBS or AIs spawn in my
biome. And finally I learned how to
name my biome.


9 Mutant
MOB and
Spawn Egg

It has the AI of an Endermen (a
monster with teleportation
capabilities who is hostile after being
hit). Unlike other monsters, the
Mutant Creeper does not explode
but teleports to recuperate and avoid
blows. It has the health rating of and
deals the same amount of damage as
an Endermen. The spawn egg (which
produces the Mutant Creeper) is dark
green and black.

I tried to think of the most dangerous, annoying, awful mob I
could think of, and then it came to me: a teleporting mutant
creeper! Creepers come out at night, sneak around until they
find an unaware victim, then teleport into the victim's house
and destroy it with explosives. The story of the Mutant
Creeper is that it was once a creeper, but suffered too much
exposure to the radioactive venomite and went through major
changes. I gave my creeper a darker green and black skin as
well as red highlights in order to make it look like it crawled
out of a nuclear blast site. It's spawn egg (an item that lets you
spawn a mob or animal) reflects this same color scheme and is
also green and black.

Knowledge Acquired
I took another look into the
minecraft source code, and got to
see just how the AI in Minecraft
works. I learned how to texture a
mob, and a mob egg, and how to give
my mob it's very own AI.