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Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.

Process Reciprocating compressors

Proven solutions for the most demanding upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

Manufacturing, installing and
maintaining systems around
the world.

Dresser-Rand pioneered
reciprocating gas compression,
continually innovating and
improving as new materials and
technologies were developed.
Today, our reciprocating
compressors, manufactured to
stringent specifications, boast
an outstanding record for
performance, efficiency,
reliability, and low maintenance in
the most demanding upstream,
midstream and downstream
process applications.

For more than 100 years,
Dresser-Rand has been a world
leader in energy conversion
technology, designing,
manufacturing and servicing a
wide range of field-proven
centrifugal and reciprocating
compressors, gas and steam
turbines, expanders, and control
systems. D-R supplies reliable,
efficient energy-conversion
solutions that provide the highest
value to our clients by delivering
the lowest total cost of ownership
over the operating life of the
equipment. Our engineers
constantly seek improvements in
design, production and testing to
make our equipment even more
efficient and reliable. This R&D
focus is reflected in every product
and service we offer, from new
equipment to upgrades, that
extend the life of your installed
equipment. Our emphasis on
maximizing the value you receive
also extends to the way we work
with you. Our Corporate Product
Configurator (CPC) coordinates all
elements of the bidding,
engineering, design, and
manufacturing process. It
improves communication and
results by fostering closer
collaboration with our clients and
within D-R. Best of all, it has
dramatically cut our cycle times
for all project phases, so your
equipment can be on-line and
producing sooner.

compressor solutions,
We offer a complete line of
reciprocating compressors, built to
strict API and ISO standards, and
all backed by a global network of
service and support centers. We
supply our reciprocating
compressors from state-of-the-art
facilities in Painted Post, New
York, USA; Peterborough, UK;
and Naroda, India. This global
presence allows Dresser-Rand to
provide the most flexible and
responsive service, regardless
of your location.

Maximize your efficiencies

with single-source
We can engineer, manufacture,
procure, test, deliver, install,
operate, and maintain your entire
compressor system. Our extensive
application experience with all
major drive systemsincluding
motors, engines and turbines
allows us to precisely match the
drive train to the compressor for
maximum efficiency and reliability.
Our equipment is ready for
modular installation, with
compressor drive, lubrication,
coolant, pulsation dampening, and
control systems. This integrated
approach simplifies ordering,

Our leading-edge technology,

some of the shortest cycle times
in the industry, advanced
business processes, and global
presence help our clients reduce
unit operation costs, which are 70
to 80 percent of the total cost of
compression assets. That helps
our clients be more competitive.

delivery and installation; reduces

your coordination time and
expense; lowers your engineering
and construction costs; and
provides single-source

We ensure process and

operational excellence
Our project management expertise
and systems ensure compliance
with specifications, shortest
delivery cycles and on-time
All components customengineered to meet your
specific requirements, including
cylinders and valves
Available with up to 10 crank
throws. Our design flexibility
does not limit the frame to an
even number of crank throws.
Dresser-Rand uses its variable
crank angle design to offer a
compressor that requires the
minimum number of cylinders.
Factory-tested for critical
clearances and dimensions

At Dresser-Rand, we apply our
state-of-the-art technology and
total solution capabilities to all
makes and models of installed
reciprocating processors. It is the
same technology we use to design
and build our new equipment. No
matter the manufacturers
nameplate, our dedicated
professionals are ready to keep it
running with responsive, reliable
technical support 24 hours a day,
anywhere in the world.

Look for our more info icons throughout this

brochure indicating additional publications are
available on our website for that product or service.

Dresser-Rand reciprocating
compressors meet stringent regulatory
requirements and have an outstanding
record for performance, efficiency,
reliability, and low maintenance in the
most demanding upstream, midstream
and downstream applications.

A customized solution for your

An inside look at our Process Reciprocating Compressors. Dresser-Rand
offers a complete line of reciprocating compressors built to strict API and ISO standards
for a variety of applications in refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas transmission and
storage, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and heavy industry.
Available on the HHE-VG and
larger frames, the flanged
crosshead designs allow easy
vertical/horizontal adjustment
of the piston rod (eliminates the
need to re-shim the crosshead).
Benefits include reduced
maintenance costs and downtime.

Crosshead Extensions
On BDC-12H and larger units,
separate crosshead extensions
simplify frame transportation
and installation.

Constructed of high-tensile-strength
alloy steel forgings, fully stress
relieved, heat treated. Bearing
surfaces are ground and polished to
a fine finish. Generous proportions
provide a wide margin of safety.

Precision Spacers


Precision spacers and rugged tie

rods above each main bearing
provide rigidity to prevent distortion.

Precision main bearings provide

maximum support to ensure

*Alloy steel proprietary tungsten carbide coated (TC3)

Illustration and descriptions are typical of large compressors.

Connecting Rods
Die-forged steel and rifle-drilled for
positive crosshead pin lubrication.

process application.
for more information on our line of process
reciprocating compressors.
Pistons and Rods
Alloy steel piston rods with
rolled threads provide reliability
(proprietary TC3 optional*). All
pistons have non-metallic trim
materials for prolonged service
life of the piston, rider and packing
rings, which increases maintenance

External Bolting
External bolting maintenance
accessibility allows for proper

O-Ring Face Seals

Eliminate oil leakage and
provide fugitive emissions

Distance Pieces
Single- or two-compartment
distance pieces with large gastight access covers provide
maintenance accessibility.

O-Ring Valve Covers

Offer improved sealing over
gasketed center bolt cover designs
and are more easily maintained.

Capacity Control


Fixed or variable systems are

available. Our variable capacity
control systems allow operators
to match compressor capacity to
demand, reducing operating costs.

A complete line of efficient, reliable

and application-proven cylinders
results in precise matching
of components to meet each
application. Available for lubricated
and non-lubricated service.

ompressor Capacity Control


Unloaders improve operating efficiency.

Unloaders are used to deactivate

one or more cylinder ends for
starting or for capacity control.
This reduces the throughput and
power consumed by that cylinder
approximately 50 percent. By
unloading both ends of a doubleacting cylinder the capacity is
reduced to zero for start-up.









Port, Plug and Clearance

Pocket Unloaders

These rugged devices require

only a minimal force to close the
unloader sleeve. The unloader
piston rod is sealed and vented.
The air housing is completely
sealed against the process
environment. An indicator rod
shows the unloader load or
unload position. Air-to-load
(shown) and air-to-unload
versions are available.









ISC curve

Plug Unloader

Unloader Rod

Operator Return Spring

Gland Sweeping Purge


Gland Vent

Sleeve-type Unloader Valve

Unloader Guide
Cylinder Wall
Partial Compressor Valve
Valve Cage

Variable capacity control

Reduce Operating Costs with
Variable Capacity Control

Demand for variable load control

is growing because of the
increase in driver sizes and the
cost of power. Variable capacity
control dates back to the 1950s,
when Ingersoll Rand developed
a pneumatic hydromechanical
infinite step controller (ISC) that
held the suction valve open and
provided variable end unloading.
The variable volume clearance
pocket (VVCP) concept was also
developed during this time.
Variable End Unloading with ISC

The ISC technology proved

successful with integral gas
engines through the 1970s,
but wasnt actively pursued in
the process market until more
recently. In the late 1990s,
Dresser-Rand began using
electronic controls on gas engines
and later adapted this technology
for variable capacity control
of reciprocating compressors
for process applications and
modernized the original ISC
The Dresser-Rand ISC system
allows compressor capacity to
be varied between 30 and 100
percent of maximum capacity
within a wide variety of operating
conditions. The ISC control panel
receives a capacity, torque or
pressure set-point signal from
a local controller or the clients
plant control system. Using this
input, the ISC generates an
unloader timing signal that is
distributed to the ISC unloaders,
holding the suction valves
open for a precise portion of
the compression stroke. This
process delays the beginning
of compression in the
cylinder, thereby reducing
compressor capacity.


Variable Volume Clearance

with HVVCP

In addition to our standard fixed

volume pockets, we offer the
ability to control capacity with
our hydraulic variable volume
clearance pocket (HVVCP).
The HVVCP clearance pocket
can be applied to virtually any
reciprocating gas compressor.
Mounted in the outer head, it
controls capacity of the head
end of the cylinder by adjusting
the clearance volume.
The HVVCP system allows
compressor capacity to be
varied between 55 and 100
percent of maximum capacity
within a wide variety of operating
conditions. The HVVCP is an
economical solution when the
process operating range is not
wide enough to require an

Hydraulic variable volume clearance pocket

Upgrade to high-reliability,
high-efficiency valves.
Magnum Valves
Valve performance and
reliability are key to compressor
performance. By paying careful
attention to reliability in every
aspect of the design, weve
created a valve that can run
more than 50% longer than other
valves before needing service.
We proved it in thousands of
hours of tests, many at high
speeds and high temperatures,
with a wide range of gases. A
high-strength thermoplastic,
PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), is
used to produce low-mass sealing
elements that withstand the high
impact velocities that occur during
operation. It also handles high
temperatures, is compatible with
most gas applications and resists
dirt, corrosion and liquid swelling.
The PEEK sealing element
provides reliable performance in
demanding conditions, while the
streamlined flow path optimizes
the effective flow area.

recip/valves/magnum.php for additional
information on Magnum valves.

ISC Unloader

Two-throw HHE-VL compressor packages

loaded for shipment.

Four-throw HHE-VL package loaded

for shipment.

reassembled for faster installation,

to reduce installation and start-up

Our complete packaging

capabilities mean that field
welding, cylinder alignment,
and other costly field assembly
times will be minimized. We
evaluate the best delivery method
to save you both time and money.

Improved performance
right out of the box
Your Dresser-Rand reciprocating
compressor is fully engineered
and preassembled to the extent
possible prior to shipment
to reduce construction and
engineering costs.

With Dresser-Rand as your

single-source supplier, you will
derive the most in efficiency,
convenience, reliability, and
durability from your
compression system.

When size permits, we can ship

an entire base platemounted
package, with auxiliaries and
piping in place, to ensure a
simple and timely installation.
If the unit size exceeds shipping
limitations, after complete
assembly and tests, we can
ship large subassemblies.
Special closures are provided for
protection during shipment and
easy on-site reassembly.

Preparation for shipment of compressor

frame for block-mounted compressors
greater than two throws.

Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.

Two-throw HHE-VB package.

Forged Steel Billet with Tail Rod

Divided Forged Steel Billet

Forged Steel Billet

Each compressor service varies by

capacity, pressure, temperature,
and gas type. With decades of
experience, we have developed
the industrys broadest line of
compressor cylinders.

Enhanced Cold
Cylinder Support
Our cylinders are supported from
the foundationnot by piping.
This allows for a solid, adjustable
support arrangement.

or purged, as the application


With such a wide selection

for both lubricated, and when
required, non-lubricated
servicewe have the ability to
offer the precise combination of
components to best meet each
clients operating conditions.

Dresser-Rand Distance Pieces

We offer distance pieces suitable
for the applicationoil-lubricated
cylinders, non-lubricated cylinders,
corrosive gases, flammable or
explosive gases, toxic gasesfor
optimal protection and to prevent
contamination of the process gas
and/or the crankcase oil.

The industrys most
comprehensive line of
compressor cylinders.

Cylinder materials include cast

iron, ductile iron, cast steel,
and cast stainless steel.

Distance pieces are standard in

all of our process compressors.
The distance pieces are vented,

Cast cylinder with two-compartment

distance pieces and frame extension
for refinery service.

Forged steel cylinder with twocompartment distance pieces

and frame extension for 3,000
psi refinery service.


Long, single-compartment, API

type B distance pieces are
provided as standard. When twocompartment distance pieces are
required, API type C or D doubledistance pieces are substituted.
All distance pieces feature large
openings for unequaled packing
box access. For maximum
strength under the cyclic loads,
studs with rolled threads secure
distance pieces to the frame
and cylinders.

Operations and

Dresser-Rand reciprocating
compressors: built right,
backed right.

With the largest installed base of any original equipment manufacturer

(OEM) in the industry, Dresser-Rand has the resources to deliver reliable
compressor solutions anywhere in the worldquickly, efficiently and
cost-effectively. Our services include:
Local technical support by qualified engineers
Revamping existing or out-of-service compressors (Dresser-Rand and
other nameplates)
Expert compressor and component repair by factory-trained
Replacement and upgraded compressor parts
Around-the-clock field service
Installation assistance to turnkey installation
On-the-job training at your facility or ours

Strategically located for seamless response

Dresser-Rand has employees around the globeeach with access to the experience and vision to create
the best solution for your energy conversion needs. They also have access to engineering and manufacturing
expertise to achieve those solutions on time and on budget. Currently, we have three major locations on
three continents dedicated to reciprocating compressor manufacturing and service operations.

Painted Post, NY
Certified for ISO 9001:2008 and
ISO 14001, this facility measures
650,000 ft2 active manufacturing
space. We use more than 500
machine tools, including more
than 70 computer numerically
controlled (CNC) tools, to more
accurately build our compressors
to stringent specifications. The
facility features:
Teams dedicated to enhanced
quality performance
Dedicated high-efficiency
cylinder machining center
Comprehensive in-process
inspection of all manufactured

EUROPE: Peterborough, UK
This modern, multi-product
facility is certified for ISO 9001
and 14001. The facility provides
global project management and
engineering for reciprocating
process compressors.
Peterborough also offers
gas turbine repair, as well
as maintenance and service
agreements on CHP units,
together with a wide range of
aftermarket services for
Dresser-Rand and other OEM


ASIA: Naroda, India

Certified for ISO 9001:2008 and
ISO 14001: 2004, this facility
has supplied more than 3,000
reciprocating gas compressors for
both local and global markets.
Naroda specializes in packaged
units, but in all respects, follows
Dresser-Rands single global
engineering standard for the
product and its subsystems.

ontrols and

Ensure the health and

performance of your

with condition monitoring systems

such as the Envision suite. This
software enables operators
to better assess the health of
their equipment and schedule
maintenance before failure occurs.

For more than 50 years,

Dresser-Rand has been designing
and manufacturing reliable,
state-of-the-art control systems
for process reciprocating
compressors. Our team
continually strives to provide
advanced control technologies
that are reliable, intuitive and
easy to operate. All phases
of design, manufacturing,
installation, training, and
documentation are coordinated to
ensure effective performance and
dependability of these systems.
We also provide upgrades and
complete replacement of existing
control systems.

The Envision suite provides a

uniquely differentiated value
proposition that allows process
control and condition monitoring
within a single computer platform.
Unlike older systems that use
separate control and monitoring
tools, it delivers unprecedented
insight into a units performance
and mechanical health.

Pulsation Analysis
Dresser-Rand was the first
compressor manufacturer
to provide clients with
comprehensive pulsation
analyses. We have more than
3,500 successful compressor
installations of all sizes, and at
pressures up to 60,000 psi.

Envision Condition
Monitoring Software
We are proud of our reputation for
providing the most efficient and
mechanically sound equipment
for the oil, gas and petroleum
industry. To ensure the highest
level of safety and reliability, all
of our units should be augmented

Our process consists of

complete pulsation analysis
of the compressor/dampener/
piping system, including cylinder
gas passages. When necessary,
modifications are made to
this system to avoid potential
pulsation-related vibration,
excessive power consumption or
valve reliability problems.
This is followed by a
comprehensive review of the
piping system and its supports
to guard against mechanical
resonance matching up with
acoustic excitation. Digital
pulsation analysis can be
combined with valve dynamics
and system mechanical analyses
to predict the response of the
entire compressor/piping system.

Parts and service around

the clock and around
the world
Our commitment to quality does
not end when we deliver your
equipment. With more than 80
sales, service, manufacturing,
and parts-stocking locations
around the world, we are always
in your neighborhood. It extends
to providing you professional
service and rapid delivery of our
genuine spare parts.
In the majority of cases, we ship
spare parts within 24 hours.
We can closely monitor your
spare parts usage and create a
customized stocking, service and
maintenance program based on
your needs.

for more information on our controls and
condition monitoring systems.

Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.



for every

compressor types:

Up to 16-inch stroke
2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 throws, up to 45,000 hp (33.6 MW)

Up to 16-inch stroke
1 to 10 throws, up to 22,500 hp (16.8 MW)
We custom engineer each unit
by designing each cylinder
and valve, and select other
components to meet your
specific operating requirement.
Our factory experts check
critical clearances and
dimensions, and perform
inspections and tests to
facilitate installation.
The result is a reciprocating
compressor that meets
and often exceeds client
specifications, while delivering
unmatched efficiency and

 SVStraight Line Vertical
 SHStraight Line Horizontal
Horizontal Electric
 SEHorizontal Straight
Line Electric
 HE-FHeavy Horizontal
Electric (fixed crank)
 HE-VHeavy Horizontal
Electric (variable crank)
 DCBalanced Direct
Connected (fixed crank)

Up to 15-inch stroke
1 to 10 throws, up to 9,450 hp (7.0 MW)

Up to 12-inch stroke
2, 4, or 6 throws, up to 8,225 hp (6.1 MW)

Up to 12-inch stroke
1 to 6 throws, up to 5,000 hp (3.7 MW)

compressors are at
work right now in
these applications:

RefiningHydrogen and
hydrocarbon mixtures are
compressed to produce
clean gasoline, jet and diesel
fuels, heating oils, lubricants,
asphalt, and other related
refinery products. In addition,
Dresser-Rand compressors
are used to help collect and
separate toxic gases which
otherwise may be harmful to
our environment.
of products, ranging from
plastic to shampoo, are
created by the compression
of various gaseous mixtures
in many different chemical

Up to 12-inch stroke
2 or 4 throws, up to 2,250 hp (1.7 MW)

Up to 11-inch stroke
2 or 4 throws, up to 1,000 hp (750 kW)


Natural Gas, H2, and

CO2 Transmission
Dresser-Rand compressors
provide an efficient means to
compress gases of all types
along pipeline networks.

S: Stroke (inches or mm)

X: Number of frame throws
Y: Model number (for HHE
compressor model)

7-inch stroke
2-throw, up to 250 hp (200 kW)

Z: Number of stages (multiple

services separated by -)
NL: designates non-lubricated
cylinder construction (if applicable)
Example: 15" 4HHE-VL-3-1
15", 4 throw, HHE-VL frame, with 3
stages (make-up) & 1 stage (recycle)

11-inch stroke
single-throw, up to 250 hp (200 kW)


compress carbon dioxide,
hydrocarbon gas or acid gas
to high pressures (sometimes
> 15,000 psi/1,000 bar)
for injection into oil wells to
increase oil production or
reduce environmental impact.

Up to 7-inch stroke
single-throw, up to 75 hp (60 kW)

Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.


Model of a typical block-mounted compressor installation.

For a complete list of

products and services, visit
or contact the following:
corporate Headquarters
West8 Tower, Suite 1000
10205 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77042
Tel: (Intl +1) 713-354-6100
Fax: (Intl +1) 713-354-6110
112, Avenue Kleber
Cedex 16
Paris 75784 France
Tel: (Intl +33) 156 26 71 71
Fax: (Intl +33) 156 26 71 72

Regional Headquarters

Manufacturing Operations

The Americas
West8 Tower, Suite 1000
10205 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77042
Tel: (Int'l +1) 713-354-6100
Fax: (Int'l +1) 713-354-6110

Painted Post, NY, USA
Tel: (Intl +1) 607-937-2011
Fax: (Intl +1) 607-937-2905

(Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Dresser-Rand S.A.
31 Boulevard Winston Churchill
Cedex 7013
Le Havre 76080, France
Tel: (Int'l +33) 2-35-25-5225
Fax: (Int'l +33) 2-35-25-5366/5367
Dresser-Rand Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd
Unit 9-4, 9th Floor
Bangunan Malaysian Re
17 Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (Intl +60) 3-2093-6633
Fax: (Intl +60) 3-2093-2622

Dresser-Rand Company Ltd.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom
Tel: (Intl +44) 1733 292200
Fax: (Intl +44) 1733 292300
Dresser-Rand India Pvt. Ltd.
Naroda (Ahmedabad), India
Tel: (Intl +91) 79 2280 0800
Fax: (Intl +91) 79 2280 4555

Complete list of local offices and service

centers can be found on our website at:

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Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.

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