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826 Valencia

Key Partners

Key Activities

Value Propositions



After-school tutoring: One-on-one

support on writing skills


Field trips

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments
Kids 6-18 years old

In-school projects: Help teachers

get students excited about literary


In-school projects

Giving volunteers the possibility to

do good

Recruiting Volunteers

Key Resources



Store and tutoring space on 826

Valencia Street, San Francisco,
California, 94110

Cost Structure

Revenue Streams


Sales from the pirate supply store (yes that's correct)!


Self-publishing and selling books written by the kids

Donations (financial and in kind)
Fundraising events

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Company Information
826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students
ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to
helping teachers inspire their students to write.
Founded: 2002
Employees: 11-100
Country: United States
Company Type: B2C, Not for profit, Startup

About the Business Model

Named after the street location in the Mission District of San Francisco, 826
Valencia was founded in 2002 by educator Nnive Calegari and author
Dave Eggers, who were looking for a way to support overburdened
teachers and connect talented working adults with the students who could
use their help the most.
Because the space was zoned for retail, they needed to open a store. After
briefly considering a hot dog stand, they looked at the ship-like surfaces of
the stripped-down space, a former gym, and decided to open a pirate store
Behind the store is a writing lab, designed to be a place kids would want to
spend time, with a cozy reading tent, big work tables, and lots of books.
Word spread quickly, and soon every chair was filled with students working
on their writing with their trained tutors. 826 Valencia currently serves over
6,000 students a year thanks to their corps of over 1,700 volunteers.
Inspired by the success of 826 Valencia, seven more 826 chapters have
opened in cities across the country; New York, Chicago, Ann Arbor,
Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, D.C. are all home to a
unique branch of 826.

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