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Our group has taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have
been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals around
We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to our professor
Hilda F. San Gabriel, who gave us the opportunity to do this wonderful project
named "Community/Barangay Livelihood through Recycle Materials. We are
thankful for her aspiring guidance, constructive criticism and friendly advice to
us during our project work.
We would also like to acknowledge and express our deepest appreciation
to the Chairman and to all the barangay officials of Barangay 155 Zone 16,
District 2 Pasay City Metro Manila for their hospitality in welcoming us in their
barangay as well as for providing information about their community, to their
opinions regarding to our project and to their support in our group in
completing the project.
Furthermore, a special gratitude we give to each one of us in our group,
for all of our efforts, for our contribution in stimulating suggestions and
encouragement and for understanding and helping each other to accomplish
the project.
Last but not the least, we are very thankful to our Heaven Almighty for
giving us knowledge and wisdom. We thank for not letting us to have a
misunderstanding. We thank him for strengthening us and for guiding us

because these things wouldn't be possible without him.

Our group dedicates this project first and foremost to our Heaven
Almighty because if not for him our project will not be possible to accomplish.
We dedicate the project to our Professor Hilda F. San Gabriel without
the opportunity that she gave to us, our group wouldnt come up with this
project. We are extending our sincere thanks to her for all the things that she
did for our group, for all the help that she lend to us and for all the kindness
that she showed to us. We are thanking her for sharing her intelligence to our
We dedicate this project to the Barangay 155 Zone 16, District 2 Pasay
City Metro Manila, to their Chairman and other Barangay Personnel to give
thanks to the kindness and to the warm welcome that they showed to us. We
sincerely appreciate all the information that they give to us for it is very
significant to our project. We are thanking them for accepting our project for
their barangay. We are looking forward that our project can be a big help and
can create a big impact to their community.
We highly dedicate this project to each one of us in our group to give
credits for all of our efforts and contribution to make this project accomplish.
Giving credits for all the time and patience that we gave just to make the
project be wonderful.
We also dedicate this to our family for providing us financial support in

our project.