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HUNTERSVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT PATROL WATCH COMMANDER’S LOG DATE: July 06, 2015 1800-1600 SIGNIFICANT CALLS FOR SERVICEIINCIDENTS: 20150706-1824.03 __DV Assault on a Female Statesville Road (Deer Hill 2) Both partes on scene advised they were assaulted by the ather party. 20150706-1830-00__Fraud 8712 Linholm Drive (Red Rocks) Employee had reportedly augmented the tp amount on a customer's sales receipt without thelr permission, 20150706-1830-02_Larceny 16709 Redelif Dr, \Vietim reported that an unknown suspeci(s) took his bike while it was parked and chained near the front of his apartment complex, 20150706-1736-02 _Larceny 706 Gilead Road (Food Lion) An unknown black male suspect entered the Store and stole several steaks ‘rom the meat department. 20180706-1907-00__Larceny ‘9801 Sam Furr Road (Target) An unknown black male entered the store and stole beer. 20150706-2006-03__Larceny 16725 Birkdale Commons Pkwy (LuLu Lemons) Michael Biitvich, 10/02/1900, was cited for Larceny. 20150707-0000-00_DW1 9101 Sam Furr Road (Circle K) Michael Bltvich was arrested for Driving While Impaired.