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Prove it!

How do you know?

Citing Textual Evidence

Pretend you are a lawyer. When you are presenting a case to a jury, you must
provide evidence to the jury so that they believe you. When you are writing, it is
your job to provide your reader with textual evidence to support your argument or
What is textual evidence?
Textual evidence used to support an argument/position when writing. The
evidence is gathered from a text. It may include direct quotes from the text and
inferences drawn from the text.

Slow and Steady Wins the


R- Restate the question

A-Answer all the parts of the question
C- Cite textual evidence
E- Explain your answer
S- Summarize what your paragraph is about
Textual Evidence Sentence Starters/Evidence Based Terms

On page ________, it said that

The author wrote
An example is
In the text it said
I know because
For instance
From the reading I know that
According to the text
In the text it said
The graphic showed
From my reading I know that