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Pritchard Family 2015

We have been blessed beyond measure!!

The start of this year has been tremendous!! We cannot believe that we have already
entered our 4th year full time. How time seems to go fast and days seem to get shorter.
To everyone that we have gotten the opportunity to meet along the way, thank you. Many times we have been
places, praying to be a minister, but instead we have been ministered to. You have made our ministry what it is,
because you have had a great part in making us who we are. I feel as though we can say that we have possibly
learned more, than we have taught. It is such a blessing to be a part of Gods plan. No possible way to travel,
minister, and help people without the support and help of others. THANK YOU
I can without hesitation say that I have seen The Hand of God working in many different ways.
Faith works because God is faithful to His promises. He will be in debt to no-one. When man places himself into a
position, that if God does not work, HIs name is at stake, GOD WILL PERFORM. God will not allow man to say, that
He cannot do what He said He will do. That is one thing to be thankful for in our lives today. Hebrews 10:38 Now
the just shall live by faith:
In the last few months we found ourselves SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon Line, Hallelujah. We started the year with a
youth conference in Alabama. There I was reminded of the reason that not only Jesus Christ came, but also the
reason as to why God has placed me in the ministry. While giving an introduction to a sermon, I made the statement,
Like the maniac of Gadara, cutting myself, crazy, and rebellious, Im thankful that Jesus came by my way!!
Immediately a girl began to cry. Throughout the whole sermon she continued to cry uncontrollably. Upon finishing,
this girl ran quickly up to me, and asked, did you really cut yourself?. Before I could answer, she rolled up her left
sleeve, and showed me where she had been cutting herself. As I looked at what seemed like 20-30 marks, I asked
her, Why do you cut yourself? She replied, because I feel that my dad doesn't LOVE ME. I then said as tears
began to fall, Really!What makes you think that? She then explained some confidential things with me. I asked
her Is he a christian? Does he provide for you? She then said Yes, hes a christian, Yes, he provides me food and
clothes, but I still don't feel like he LOVES ME!! At that point, praying that God would give me wisdom, I began to
tell her the very things that I had to realize myself after being abused by my own father for many years. GOD
LOVES YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!!! He gave his life for you. He is not asking you to perform, that He might accept
you, He's asking for you to accept him, that He might perform for you!!! God wants to help you, He is unlike any
father in this world. He gave His all to have a relationship with you!! He wants you!! After about 20-25 minutes of
talking with this girl, I believe she understood a little better Who God is as a father and it seemed to settle her spirit a
little bit. Though I could not deliver her from these feelings myself, like I would have wished, it was a beginning for
this young lady. Please pray for this girl. It seems that in our society there are a lot more hidden hurts in people that
God wants to help them with. Abuses happen and we cannot control them, but we can control how we react to them.
Also the only way over many of these types of abuses is, JESUS CHRIST.
This is the exact reason that God has placed us in this ministry. Isaiah 61:1 to preach good tidings unto the meek;
to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.
There are many other stories just like this that we encounter almost weekly. Praise the Lord for something to do for
him. I also preached a christian school conference where the problems are a whole different set, and a boys home
where the troubles are greater in number. Problems are on every side, yet JESUS is the answer for all the problems.
Thanks for taking your time to read this letter, May God richly bless you in the months to come.
The Pritchard Family

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