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Resources and activities to assist you in preparing your child

for school:
Online games for math and
Become an STMA Knight!

The decision of where to send

your child to school is one of the most
important decisions any parent will
ever make. We are very pleased that
you chose St. Michael-Albertville.
What does becoming an STMA
Knight mean? First, your child will
excel. Learning is placed at the center
of everything the district does. Second, your child will attend school in a
safe, caring and positive learning environment. Finally, we believe that
you are your childs first and most
important teacher. We will partner
with you in your childs education.
We encourage you to visit our
school, meet with our educational
staff and talk with our families. We
believe becoming an STMA Knight is a
wise decision and one that will greatly benefit your child and family.

App to download for math and


St. Michael-Albertville School District

Is my child ready
for kindergarten?

General information to prepare

your child for Kindergarten:
Please dont be concerned if your child can
not do every item on this brochure. This is
meant to be a guide for you to prepare your
child for their future.
We are excited to have them in our classes!

Dr. Jim Behle


St. MichaelAlbertville School


Albertville Primary School

5386 Main Avenue NE
Albertville, MN 55301

A guide to help
parents assess
their childs
readiness for

Is My Child Ready?
Social and Emotional

My child can interact positively with

other children and adults.
My child can stay on task for fifteen
minutes or longer.

My child can respond to verbal and

non-verbal cues.

My child can regulate his/her own

emotions and behaviors.

My child can easily separate from me

or caregivers.

Physical and Motor Development

My child can initiate conversations,

ask questions and respond in conversations with others.
My child can understand direction
words such as on, under and over.

My child can verbalize their needs.

My child can follow directions involving two or three steps.

My child can retell a simple story.

My child can use scribbles, shapes,

pictures or dictation to represent ideas and thoughts.

My child can read environmental

print: stop, exit, Target, McDonalds,

My child can demonstrate fine motor

skills by using scissors and writing utensils.

My child can write their full name beginning with a capital letter.

My child can demonstrate large muscle control by hopping on one foot,

balancing, throwing and catching a


My child can write the numbers 0-5.

My child can count the number of

objects in small groups.

My child can count from 0-20.

My child can recognize and create

simple patterns.

My child can identify shapes and colors.

My child can sort objects by two or

more characteristics.

My child can identify the numbers 020.


My child can demonstrate independence with tasks such as washing

hands, toileting, dressing, zipping, tying shoes and feeding oneself.

Literacy and Print Knowledge

My child can recognize their full

name in print.

My child can recognize and name

most upper and lower case letters.

My child can associate some sounds

with letters and/or words.