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By Euqinom

I have never thought that I could find,

A love like ours, thats one of a kind.
Ive never felt this way in my life,
Until, you came and stay by my side.
Even though we have our ups and downs,
And laughters that turn into frowns,
Though its not easy as one, two, three,
But still you are always there for me.
You are there when I am at my worst,
And times that I could possibly burst.
Even if Im really not that good,
You make me smile and put me on mood.
Youve been with me for how many years,
With that, you take away all my fears.
Weve been together for quite so long,
And just the thought of that, makes me strong.
Im so grateful that I have found you,
You drown me with your love thats so true.
You fill my life with colors and bright,
Now I can say that, I found Mr. Right.