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Juan Oviedo
Dr. Sterling
INRW 0302.201
June 28, 2015
Freedom Privilege
How is an American valued as one? A question not well thought of that concludes to a
simple yet obvious response by a variety of people. Many will comment to that query with a noneducated answer such as, owning the proper documentation, speaking and writing English, etc.
Having the ability to speak a certain language (English) and being a United States citizen, does
not value one as an American. Even though, it is an important part of the process to be a resident
in the country. It takes one to show respect to their peers, especially to the ones that serve to this
country. Americans help one another and fight to protect what is theirs. Despite the United States
being a free country, citizens should still follow every law, freedom of religion falls under the
free country category and is important in the U.S., and the immigrants that come from around
the world, have the right to citizenship if they meet the circumstances.
According to ninety percent out of 1500 U.S. citizens, speaking and writing English
is important in defining American identity. (The American Nation: A History of the United
States). Although having knowledge of the English language is important, it does not identify
one as an American. For instance, a Caucasian does not mean they are American identified. The
Constitutional Bill of Rights states the first ten amendments, and gives personal freedom to the
residents but also limits the governments power. For a citizen of the U.S. to abide by these laws,
it is also highly recommended for one to know the Bill of Rights. An American fights for their
freedom and disputes of the ruling from the government. Regardless of the laws that are passed,

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a valued American will follow and guide those with no understanding of these laws or the ones
who avoid the governments order.
As stated in The American Nation: A History of the United States, More than half
reported that the Christian faith was also important in making someone American, although
nearly a third (of 1500 U.S. citizens) disagreed. (Carnes and Garraty)(109). In keeping with the
Constitutional Bill of Rights, Amendment 1, Religion in America also states that, Congress shall
make no law respecting an establishment of religion, meaning that there is freedom of
religion. Christianity is not something one needs to be in the United States, although it is
something that is expected, but because of the first amendment, everyone has right to freedom of
any religion of their choice. Since there are those who come from different cultures, they believe
in a different God, who are also the people that want remove the phrase Under God from the
Pledge of Allegiance. (Religion in America)(119). An American may still stand as one with the
privilege of having religious beliefs without the judgment of others. The one who gives respect,
gets it double in return.
As reported by Hai, Vietnamese Canadian, It doesnt matter whether you have a
language disability or you do not. You, as a person, you have the right to live, you have the right
to access, to service, to government. (The Meaning of Citizenship). Despite the fact that he was
a Vietnamese Canadian, there is a point being made with the right to citizenship in a country just
as much as to someone who is born in the same country, as long as the standards are being met.
Immigration is a broad issue in America. Those with no documentation of an American citizen,
but willing to give it a try, should be the ones that are labeled as an identified American. Because
they are wanting to change everything they had in the past and have a new life where miracles
happen in the land of the free. Becoming a United States citizen is nowhere near simple,

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therefore, those who are born in the U.S. should friendly welcome those who want a better life
and overcome the American Dream. Letting others of different nationalities join into one country
makes America a stronger and a more independent place to live.
As was previously stated, the proper documentation does not define one as an American.
There are procedures that guide through the path of a valued one such as obeying laws,
respecting freedom of religion, and welcoming new U.S. citizens. Acknowledging one another
will help build a better community that result to an American society. Also teaching the children
the correct paths in life will conclude to an identified society because this is the land of the

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