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This story is very old, when man
used to live a nomad’s life. He
was a hunter and what ever he
hunted in the jungle, that was his
food. He used animal’s hide to
cover his body. He never knew
how to grow food or rear animals.
So he had no pet and most of
the animals in jungle were scared
of him and they were too.

In those days if anyone breaks a rule
of the tribe, they were given
punishment by the tribal leader. He
would assign a tough job to the culprit
and throw out from the village area.
Once such incident happened and
as a punishment the man was given
this duty to guard the outer area of
village alone. He was told to play
drums to scare wild if animals
entering the village.

Meanwhile in the jungle, a poor dog
was too throw out. All animals were
told to stop having any contact
with the him. Anybody found guilty
would also be punished. So
everyone turned there back toward
him, even the dog’s close friends
the rabbit and the turtle too.
The dog was ordered to remain
outside the jungle.

So here poor Eba was living alone in
the outskirts of the village and in the
jungle the dog was thrown out.
One day, accidentally the dog
crossed the jungle boundary and
entered the village where Eba’s hut
was made. Dog was very hungry and
tired. Eba, who was working in the
farm saw him and felt pity. He didn’t
hurt him and gave food. He let it rest

Thereafter the dog started staying
with Eba. When Eba worked in the
farm, it stood beside him and at
night it guarded the
hut from
dangerous animals. Hence it became
Eba’s best companion and so was
Since then and till now the dog has
become man’s most faithful buddy.

The End