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306 Cherry Street, apt A

College Station, TX, 77840



Seeking a full-time Chemical Engineering position starting June 2016


TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY College Station, TX (Aug 2013-May 2016)

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
(Jan 2012-Aug 2013)
Associates of Science in Chemical Engineering

GPR: 3.781
GPR: 3.95


Air Liquide Air Separation Unit - Middletown, OH ( June Aug 2015)

Engineering Intern
Assisted in daily maintenance and monitoring of the Air Separation Unit
Designed Leak detection system for oxygen pumps
Used SCADA and ALTAC to monitor plant operations
Polymer Nano-composites Lab - Texas A&M College Station, TX ( April Dec 2014)
Research Assistant
Explored suitable polymer materials to build polyelectrolyte-nanostructure thin films
that impart anti-flammable properties needed by several engineering companies
Math & Science Centre Montgomery College - Rockville, MD (Jan-Aug 2013)
STEM Tutor
Accounts Payable & Receivable Montgomery College - Rockville, MD (Nov 2012- Aug 2013)
Student Assistant Worker


Engineering Business Management Certificate - Texas A&M College Station, TX (May2014)

Acquired knowledge in Marketing, Accounting, Finance & Supply chain management
Worked on a marketing project with student from various departments

PROFESSIONAL Eastman Chemical Company Ambassador Leadership Forum Kingsport, TN(Aug 2014)
DEVELOPMENT Networked with Eastman Chemical executives, employees and interns
Participated in leadership and team building development programs
Air Liquide Sustainable City of Tomorrow Challenge (March-April 2015)
Coordinated a team to design a proposal of a sustainable city
Study Abroad - Texas A&M at Qatar ( Jan-May 2015)
MEMBERSHIPS Participated in group projects with students from various Middle Eastern countries
National Society of Black Engineers - Texas A&M NSBE College Station, TX (Fall 2015)
Dwight Look College of Engineering - Texas A&M College Station, TX (Sept 2014present)
Engineering Ambassador
Peer Leadership & Service Program - Texas A&M College Station, TX (May 2014-Dec 2014)
Coordinator of Leadership & Outreach
International Student Association - Texas A&M College Station, TX ( Aug 2013- present)
International Causes Chair & Website designer/manager
Directed a shoe drive and collected over 500 pairs of shoes to help children in Togo
American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Texas A&M AIChe College Station, TX
I Lead Maroon Leadership Society - Texas A&M University College Station, TX
PUBLICATIONS Merid Haile, Coleman Fincher, Sandra Fomete, Jaime C. Grunlan. Water-soluble
Polyelectrolyte complexes that extinguish fire on cotton fabric when deposited as pH-cured
nanocoating February 7th, 2015. Macromolecules Journal.

Fluent in French, SCADA & ALTACS , Engineering design software, Microsoft Office

306 Cherry Street, apt A

College Station, TX, 77840