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NONSP2113 ‘STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT | ee | a ‘Addvese ype: OTHER Chey: BELEN state: NM Zip: 87002 County: VALENCTA OFFENSE / INCIDENT masa, NIM OOM" ot sex ay are om COME] loons: Wiaaing Person lomscnmy Distributing / Selling lovapscr a 6, RT EDLY SER BEINN Do TE RASA BAA F_UN Janutzo, RUDY sas ag x x] J face Menor OFF NO] fer WelOKT TAREE [enais | AOBAREAIEY 604 189 BRO BRO ame. FES “Sua, Ter. “one aoe i wt emis: fhadresn ype: Hous ADDRESS 38 BASTSIDE SCHOOL BORD zip: 87002 x [So i RE TT TR VO TERRY A. 95236 507 180 BRO BRO Ct eamarenTeoHOe. TR mannovoe — —— ol : raesanON WO. FAL NO aK oi a TS] aC] BeRTONS Di m4 adress type: HOME ADDRESS leo Box: 1432 (city: mEI State: mH zip: 87002 [county: _VALRNCEA 29 STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT | % ents ee . umse2113 97-9388 SRE EAT, PRT TEL Sea faRMEGO, BLOY J. jisss 32 (_1_1_]} 508 220 Bro BK 104 HOME ADDRESS 221 MAPLE icity: cuovrs State: mM Zip: INDIVIDUAL So UREN. Te 9 THB WK ARH 969 19 F BRO BRO | 2 HOME ADDRESS 211 MOCKINGRTRD LANE Icaty: DELEN State: NM Zip: 87002 |county: _VABRNCTA Mo. Ea COOEE = ABENDY OPTONN. THES RECORD WAS MIGRAVED FROM CHIKPS INCIDENT 01-97-3010 A NBW INCTDSNT NUMBER WAS ASSIGNED BECAUSE THAT NUNSRR CONFLICTED WITH AN EXISTING RUMBER origina? Report osa6s70000001412 CIS CASE REPORT 497-233-0082 SYNOPSIS On April 18, 1997, I received information from Agent Rob Avilucea regarding the location of a possible grave cite containing the body of a missing fonale REPBR TO REPORT YOR DETAILS xDCO: Jep. STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT | nwise2113 "HSC PP] EeRe agen eee mia ieian sewn ARTHUR ORZTE ‘TIMOTHY BAUGHMAN esra7/as9e SuDy PURSE 95/07/1987 ‘chosen naa BERETTA RETIRE OY 2010-12335 muneraaia STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT MSP ~ ALBUQUERQUE ~ CRIMINAL Valencia [orrowan rae, nTe) jr0~23-3-0249 Addvesa Type: OTHER Road Type: OTHER (PRIVATR ROAD, BTC.) City: BELEN etate: NM Zip: 87002 County: VALENCIA Intersection: US Highway: 314 OFFENSE / INCIDENT ia, OM Set xo lh, ASSIST TO OYHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGHNCY (VALENCIA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE) TNT STOLE persia PERSON / RONANAY INDTVIDUA ont: AE RT a TT FS WL AR NUR jcauizco, Tana MMs: 9 Et Ld jw is i a paseaTETATERO. FEMS Sa Noga. ana hma er] EN CoE ASENOY OP TONAL UE) ® CAGE H10-23~3-0249. ORIGINAL HEPORT. This report documents my involvement with a joint investigation with the Valenéia county Sherite's Office regarding the disappearance of Tara Calico. Refer to the following narrative for complete details mNBP2113 STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT 2010-12335 on Thureday, April 15, 2010, at spproximately 9:05 a.m., I wae contacted by Lieutenant Ramon Cagaua, New Mexico state Police, Invectigations Bureau in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was advived by him to attend a meeting that day at 10:00 a.m., at the New Mexico State Police Office in Los lunas, New Mexicc. ‘This meeting was in reference to the igappearange of Taxa Calico which cccurred in Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico, on September 20, 1908. At approximately 10:00 a.m., J arrived at the Now Nexico state Police office in Los nas, New Nexico, and made contact with hiewtenant Casaus and Sergeant Chris Ware, New Moxico State Police, Invostigations Bureau in Albuquerque, New Nexico, Lieutenant Canaus adviged we that he was contacted by Melinda Hsquibel vho is currently in the process of making a film regarding the disappearance of Tara Calico. Ms. Esquibel grew up in Belen, New Mexico, and went to high school with Me, Calico and felt that making a documentary of the Calico case could help bring her justice. At approximately 10:45 a.m., Me, Esquibel arrived and discussed this case with us. Ms. Baguibel advised us that she ie currently in the procesa of making a documentary into the disappearance of Tara Calico. She fools that sha has beon followed because of her investigation into thia case and that she could be in danger, Ma. Waquibel advised us that she has been in contact with Sheriff Rivera and Investigators from the Valencia County sheriff's Office regarding this case. During this meeting she requested the New Nexico State Police Investigations Bureau contact Sheriff Rivera and offer assistance for the investigation. After thie mecting Lieutenant Casaus contact Sheriff Rivera and scheduled a meeting at Sheriff Rivera's office at 10:00 a.m., on Nonday, April 19, 2010. Lieutenant Casaus advised me that he offered anaiatance for thie investigation from the New Mexico state Police Investigations Rureau to Valencia Comty Sheriff Rene Rivera. Ideutenant Casaus advised me that: he was assigning ne as the lead investigator for this case for the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau, on Monday, April 19, 2020, at approximately 10:30 a.m., a meeting regarding this case waa held in Sheriff Rivera's office at the Valencia County sheriff's Office in Los Lunas, New Mexica. The following were present during this meeting: -Lients nant Rawon Casaus, New Nexico sate Folice, Investigations Bureau in Albuquerque. “Lieutenant Brandon Henderson, New Wexico State Police, Investigations Bureau in Albuquerque: “Sergeant Chris Ware, "New wextc “agent, Jay Blakeney, Now Mexico State Police, Investigations Bureau in Socorro. -agent. Kiersten Harzewski, New Mexico state Police, Investigations Bureau in Albuquerque “Danette Sandoval, Analyst, New Mexico State Police, Investigations Bureau in atbuguerque “Sheriff Rene Rivera, Valencia County Sheriff's Office in Los Lunas. “Captain Don Donges, Velencia County Sheriff's Office, Criminal Investigations in Les State Police, Tavesliyatiows Bascau ta Albuquerque. dunas Sherifé Rivera and captain Donges advised us that the Valencia County Sheriff's office has conducted a thorough investigation into the disappearance of Tara calico and have identified thres possible suspects and one of these suspects was deceased, Sherift STATE OF NEWMEXICO INCIDENT REPORT | NO | femal. Rivera algo advised us that they had received information regarding the whereabouts of Ms. Calico's body. Captain Dongea advised us that the county assisted the Shoriffts Office with tha digging of this location. Investigators were unsuccessful in locating any evidence of Me. Calico at this location. Captain Donges also advised us that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had aggiated with this case and had an extensive file for this case T aavised Captain ponges that 1 would concact the wx and review their casefiies co update myself on the investigation. on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, I made contact with Diana Parker at the FBI field office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ms, Parker provided me with the entire FBI casefile for this case which included £ifteen volumes, Me. Parker advised me that T could review the casefile and make notes but that T vas not allowed to make photocopies of Special Agent's reports regarding the case. on this day T reviewed Volume I of the FAT casefile which included the elimination of possible leads, a photogzaph of an unidentified female and male ingids a unknown van located in Florida, and the investigation into identifying this unknown van, on May 6, 2010, I met with Deputy District Atorney Ron Lopez, Thirteenth Judicial District Attorney's Office in Belen, New Mexico, and discussed this case with him, advised Mr. Lopez that the New Mexico state Police Tnvestigations Bureau would be aveisting the Valencia County Sheriff's Office with this investigation. Mr. Lopes advised me that this case has been looked at by several agencies over the last twenty years and that no solid evidence or suspects have been found. He advised me that unless Yara Calico'a body is found or a confession is obtained, he was not going to xeview this case again. on Monday, June 21, 2010, at approximately 3:15 y.m., T met with Ms. Sequibell at the New Moxivo state Police Office in Los Lunas, New Mexico, regarding new information she had received regarding thia case since we had last mat. Ms. Hsquibel advised me that she has heen followed while conducting her investigation and that she was told a "hit" was put out for her life, Ms, Ewguibel would not go into details about this and could not provide me with any auapects. she advieed m2 that she has received information regarding another possible location wheren Ns. Calico's remains could be. she requested I look into obtaining excavation equipment in order to dig for Ms. Calico's remains at thie location. on Friday, July 30, 2010, at approximately 19:20 a.m., T met with Ms. Kequibel at the New Mexico state Police Office in Los Inmas, New Mexico, regarding new information she had received regarding this case eince we hai last met. Ns. Esquibel advised me that she had spoken with several people who stated that had heard information about this case while “hanging out" or drinking with people indirectly involved in this case over the last twenty years. Some of these people vers deceased and others were unidentified. ‘his information seeued either unreliable or hearsay through several people Ms. Baguibel again requeated 1 look into obtained excavation equipment in order to dig for Ns. Calica’s remains on Vonday August 23, 2010, I spoke to Sergeant Tom Chriotian and Lieutenant Brandon Henderson, both with the Kew Mexico State Police Tnvest:igations Bureau in Albuguerque, STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT | S10. fem maisp2113 2010-12995 New Mexico, xegaxding the investigation into this case. Ldeutenant Henderson advised me that the Valencia County Sheriff's Offica was the lead agency for the investigation into the disappearance of Tara Calico and that any further investigation or digging should go through the sheriff's office. Lieutenant Henderson advised me not to conduct any further investigation into this case unless contacted by the Valencia County Sheriff's office on Monday, September 27, 2010, at approximately 5:20 p.m., I eent Ms, Requibel written correspondence via electronical mail regarding the status of this investigation by the Mew Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau. In thip written correspondence I advice Me, Hoquibel that Lieutenant Henderson advised me that any further investigation into thia case to include any digging would need to go through the Valencia County Sheriff's Office einca they are still the lead agency in the Aisappearance of Tara Calico. (Refer to Attachment #1 fox complete details of this electronic mail message.) Ag of this time I have not have any further communication with the Valencia Comty Sheriff's Office or Melinda Raguibel regarding the disappearance of Tara Calico. ‘hia concludes my involvement with thie investigation, No evidence related to this case was obtained during my involvenent with this investigation. AIL electronic mail corxepponce xelated to this case will be maintained with the casefite, ‘This case ig now considered closed. A supplenental report will be completes if any further investigation into thie case is conducted. CASE STATUS: CLOSED. “GASSES” FP] “WeREMBESAEDe camer = CURIS WARE THES I8 BN ASSTST TO THE VALRNCTA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE. oma wena an) EXICO INCIDI STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT exis _| jones Try] Sy 7 ALBUQUERQUE ~ CRIKEKHAT, sy2o/asee ho7oayz018 los/2o/19e0 |oso2a Jot [eo uaceouen nsivation asearene a Radennn ‘Type: HIGHWAY OR ROAD county: VALENCIA Country: UNITED STATES Descriptive Infor VALENCIA COUNTY, NEW MEXTCO. OFFENSE / INCIDENT rarer fies a Craw VOTO STUN b, acrsernce PERsox (Fl ete tats Wor Unkenawa fuxssinc PERSON / RUNAWAY INDIVIDUAL, Nowe "RE WAR FET DDL SN ECR TE TE TG WOK NA WO HE 969 19 F 507 120 pro cen | ¢ [ a ao 1 ENT CONES GENCY OP TONNE] Tora vara ORIGINAL, REPORT YOR COLD CASE TASK FORCE TB Caw # 13-23-2-0168 MISSING PERSON The Following eport docunente a follow-up Investigation of the Cold Case, by a Task Force formed to investigate the Tara Calico missing person case from September 20, 1988. See narrative a STATE OF NEW MEXICO INCIDENT REPORT meease2ta3 2013-17846 on October 1, 2013 I was assigned by acting Lt. Isaac Valerio New Mexico state Police Investigations Bureau/Albuquerque to assist with the Cold Case Task Force. ‘the Task Force was formed to revinit the invsetigation of a Migeing Person xeport of ‘vara Calico from Septenber 20, 1988 ou Ovtober 2, 203, 4 prusw beieliny followed by a cage belef was held at the Homeland Security Investigations office in Albuquerqus, New Mexico T was assigned to assist the investigation along with detectives from Valencia county, Bernalillo County, Albuquerque Police Depaxtrent and Homeland Security Agents. ‘he Task Force i¢ designed to opperate from che Homeland security Office for the next 90 to 120 days. following this time period a zeviey will be conducted to determine it's effecitvences and any need to con ‘The Task Force will stort a review of all prier collected evidence on October 15, 2013 any further developments will be documented by supplemental report. CASE STATUS: OPEN. “Eulnedsoon” PP] "MGsouerortes comets XK bee RTT ra me IGHARD.WERSZANSON axe 3480 0/04/2033 {HOURS CHRTSTTAN suroraxt 400612 0/04/2043 : feccacrasson 10/04/2013 nervn C fiom xpPoxcnDe o/oa/aoas TERETE TST OTRO] = cea a NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT | abe rene | or Nawse2413 weno 13-23-3-0168 own veraw uses) [icomiooroocunnacs “Address Type: HIGHWAY OR ROAD county: VALENCIA Country: JMITED STATES Descriptive Info: VALENCIA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. Tro munr coves parmiey oonowa Us) ee SUPP #1 TB CASE 13-23-3-0168C0TS # 2013-17846 PRANK METHOLA IRUERVIEW ‘he following supplemental report documents an Interview of former Deputy Frank Methola with Valencia County Sheriff's Department. see narrative. — i a = On Saturday Octoher 26, 2013, at approximately 2:16 pm I conducted an interview with Frank Methola a former Sheriff's Deputy with the Valencia County sheriff's Department. Present in the interview wap Bernalillo County Detective Mike Fishor another mesher of the Tara Calico Cold Case Task For Me. Nethola had been dispatched to conduct an interview with a Henry Brown who stated he had information about the ara Calico cae ne wanted cO pasa on Derore he died. mr Brown wanted to speak with Deputy Methola because he wap the Public Inforwation Officer. J utilized my dopartwent issued digital recorder and Detective Fisher recorded the interview with e digital video recorder for the Task Force to review and document. INTERVIEW FRANK METHOM Deputy Methola eaid he wade contact with Nr. Brown at hie xesidence and te, Brown explained he was dying and wanted to get this off of hia chest. Deputy Methola utilized hi dopartment issued tape recorder for the interview. Me. Brown explained that around the time of Tara Calico's disappearance Tawrance Romero gr. lived in a trailer home his father had a2 a rental property just down the atreet from him. Mr. Brown explained that they had nade a make shift basement under the trailer howe whexe they vould party and smoke marijuana. Dave Silva and another friend tat was tall and had red haix would come to the home that Lawrence Ronoro, dr., Lived in and Mr. Brown would join then to party in the basemeat- Me. Brown said on one occasion they were all there drinking maxgaritas and making fajitas. He was in the basement with then and he had a weird feeling so he looked down and noticed in "a grave wrapped up in a blue tarp" of what he believed was a small. body. We sald they atarted talking about Tara Calico they were searching for and then they began talking about how they raped and killed her. Me. Bxown said he knew the kids because he had worked at the school and he know these kkide smoked weed and skipped school. Mr. Brown eaid one of them used to be her girlfriend and one of then was jealous, They started talking about ancther friend that had been with them named Leroy Chavez, they started talking to him about what they had done and also warned him not to talk about it or they would come get him. ‘they said they were driving one of the guy's older truck that day, they all knew that Uoftt Abeyta and Tara had broken up and they all knew she zode her bike down the highway: ‘hey explained they hit her with the truck and then put her in the back of the Exuck with Leroy Chavez and than took her out to the gravel pits where they andomized and raped her. lawrence Ronero Jr, said "She got ballsy" stood up and said she was going to wake sure they were all going to jail. Tawrence Romero dr. went and got a knife from the truck and David, Leroy and the tall red haired guy hela her down while tawrence Romero dr. stabbed and killed her. He aid they drug her body and put her im a bush nearby until they got nezvous when the search atarted for her He paid they joked that they kept her "near-by." wr, Brown said he believed she was oa SaERORE com TRaDENT NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPOR’ Genus Grseiese under the tarp and hidden in the grave in the basoment because no one would look for her there Mr, Brown gaid this whole thing had to do with drugs. Jeff Abeyta and Lawrence Romero wr. gold drugs and the only reason they never got caught was because his dad was the Sheriff and that he heard Lawrence Romero Jz. eay that his dad hired Deputy Rivera ana what "Deputy Rivera had their back." Me said *your Sheriff there ie not innocent" sheriff Rene Rivera was out asking questions at the time when he was a Deputy and they said "Deputy Rivera has our back" Mr. Brown said they kept talicing about a pond out by the property owned by the red headed guy's property out near the mountains. Mr, Brown believed they took the body out to the pond on the property. Mz. Brown said they took the bike to the junk yard in Belen to get rid of it, Me said thip all revolved around the deugs. Lawrence Romero dv. wanted that girl but she was seeing Jeff Abeyta at the time and didn't wast to have anything to do with Lawrence. Mr. Methola paid Mz. Brown died a few months later but he believes Ma. Brown is still alive and living theze at the corner house of La lus next to Charlie's towing. He said Lawzence Romero Jr.'s rent house was two doors dowa Mr. Methola said when he got the xeport: he did not know who was in charge of the case so he contacted Sheriff Rivera and was told to 2ring his report to directly to him. Mr. Nethola paid he needed to tag his cassette tapes into evidence fixet. Mr. Nethola eaid later when he was contacted by Melinda squibel about his report and the tapes of the interview. He was advised by Ms. Bequibel that there was a record he had taken a report bat there de no report or any documantation of any tapes placed into evidence, He waid Ms. Euquibel had the vepor: mmber of the nigsing report. Mr, Nethola said he latex interviewed Ron Chavez a cattleman in the area about any ponds in the area, He was advised about a red and vhite house with a pond in the back. Mr. Chavex alvo caid he understcod that Rene Kivera had conducted the investigation surrounding the suicide of Lawzence Roneyo J, and that he understood there had been a note left behind confessing to the Tara Callco murder but the note had been taken by Detective Rivera and not placed into evidence, Mx. Chavez did not have any evidence to prove the note had been found and later hidden but said it was widely believed to have existed. Mc. Methola paid he algo interviewed a gubjest called Vreddie Wakiki a veteran that lived in the Llano area near the mountain. Mr, Methola gaid he had been in the area looking for the ponds and wae advised of a pond behind a red and white house. There were txees around the pond that had been cut down and the pond extended more, at the time of nara's disappearance. Freddie believed the dody of Tara Calico is buried in the pond behind this hone fie asked Mr. Methola about how hie report was treated and did this affected his job. Mr. Nethola said he got in a disagreement with the sheriff when he arrested a Mexican National and was told by the Mexican that he vorked for Kone Rivera. Mr. Methola said he got _a call from Sheriff Rivera and was told =he Mexican worked for him and he needed to ain | nour. INSP2113 2013-17846 new nenico sureLenenTaLrerort | let hin go. Mr. Methola said he had already turned him over to ICE agents and if he wanted to release him he would need to contsct ICE himself to get the {2legal released. Me, Methola said after this event he wae resoved from all the special teams and assignments he had been on and aftor muerots write ups Mr, Methola said ho resigned from the department. Mr. Methola yauvided diceulions to the home with the pond ia the back that has a green fence around it, He said the hone ie about 4.5 miles from the road between the High School and Lae Maxavillas on the Manzano Expressway. There are trees near the pond behind the home Me. Methola said he believed the family that owned the hone bad an Irish sounding name but he could not recall what it was Mr. Methola said during hie investigation of this raport he always heard the nanes of the three young men Mr. Brown had given him, but had not obtained any solid evidence. CONCLUSION INTEVIEW Any further updates to this investigation will be by supplemental report. CASE SYATUS: ACTIVE. WRLIRCSEOUTEITEOTFY [ya] “TUADERAIMEDITICACRMNAL Coat ICT sasenoe Tore RICHARD WELLTAMBON, a/o6/2013, TOM CHRTSTTAN 1/05/2013 13/o6/2013, 3/06/2013, TERT OF TOTS BETTER ROS ETE) NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT eeaiae ama Beale fowenororrmaceae 09/20/1968 __wrriewawaioare 12/23/2024 cwscmanre 13-23-3068 owen oreseneronc 1 ~ MZSSTNGR PERSON ene TIN BUEN) Joomovoroccuniince Agdvess Type: HIGHWAY OR ROAD County: VALENCIA Country: UNITED STATES Douersptive Infor VALENCIA COUNTY, NEW MRXTCO. To BENT ae Ge OPTIONAL rr es SUP # 2 TB CASE # 13-23-3-0168 COIS # 2013-27046 COLD CASE TASK FORCE ‘the following report: documents an interview of Donald Dutcher a person of interest in the Tara Calico Cold Case investigation. IEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT disks peer ve NUNGP2113 2023-27846 On Decenber 18, 2013, T wan contacted by Xew Nexico State Police Investigations Burean Ideutenant Isaac Valerio and advised that New Mexico etate Police Uniform Bureau Lieutenant Matt Rouexo in’ Socorre had @ contact with information about the Tara Calico cold case. lit, Romero provided contact information for Donald Dutcher I contacted Mx, Dutcher and acheduled an interview in tos tunas the next day after 3:00RM when Mx. Dutcher waa available: on December 19, 2013 1 assisted Albuquerque Police Department Detective Janette Kinborlin with the interview of Donald Dutcher at the Lop lunae State Police Office. T utilized my lapel video camera and my departwent issued digital voice recorder. Present in the interview were Mr. Donald Dutcher, Detective Janette Kimberlin and myself, Ray Downs with Homeland Security was in an adjacent office to Listen. INVERVIEW: DONALD DUTCHER I began the interview with introductions and then asked Mr. Dutcher to tell us what had brought him to reach out to speak with ue Me. Dutcher stated he had lived in Now Mexico for all of hie life and waa familiar with the two boya involved in this "accident" and he also knew the girl Tara Calico. When he found out that she was gone and they were missing, He stated he had gotten into some trouble and sent away to do hie time in Texas and when he came back there was still no resolution to the case and ho had known the family for a long hen one of the last gentlemen involved that had passed away spoke to him, he vas a Jmown dyug user and he spoke to him right before he died. Ho said "fara Calico talks te me at night, she ake why we did it? She asks why buried out there?" He eaid he was "Freaking out because of that" he said he told him "they buried her out by the green lagoons by the rock quarry out on top of the west mesa". He anid it*s a pond of water and he had heard a Payohic had said she was by the water ‘and he put two and two together" green lagosns and ponds, water* I clarified it is up on the weet mesa, he aald it is up Camino Del Mano you go all the way up and it's on the top of the mesa he had never been there go he could pay exactly where it is at, but he gaid it was by the green lagoons He gald Lawzence Romero was one of the ones involved and Charles Houghton was the other one involved and he didn’ know the names of the other two gentlemen involved but all four of them are dead now, they are all. gone, and thara ia nothing they are going to say, He said that was his story its ‘off the wall, but that's the story", He said he just heard another lead fron one of his friends tiat on Huy. 47 about a quarter mile past the ALL supa there ia a trailer by hie wife's uncle that there was a ledy saying eke has ‘ara Calico's body in a freezer at her house. He heard there were three guys Living in the back they did what they were going to do to hex and then put the body in tho freezer. The lady anid she had one body in the freezer and she wasn't afraid to put another one in there NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT somapaa33 aaaeaaes I clarified that his friend he had talked te was Charlie Woughton before he died in about 2000 he believed. He sald he shot up with heroin at the Auto Zone. He said one of the other guys got xun over by a truck. We heard Lawrence shot himself while playing Rosaian roulette, 1 asked if he knew anything about that and he said he had just heard second hand the word axound town. I asked if he knew the names of the other guy that was: there and he said he did not know I asked if he had been familiar or friends with Scott Cunningham or Lawrence chavex. He paid he did not recognize those names, he would be better with faces, Detective Kimberlin asked during the time Tara vas abducted who he had hung out with? We paid he didn't hang out with anyone specific he would hang out with everyone. He would park hig truck in front of his friend's laundzy and people would come and hang out. Wo asked who hie friend was and he sald Michael Saiz who had passed away. T asked when Charlie told him they had kille] hex 4£ he ever spoke about the details of what had happened that day. He caid he never did. Charlie was hyped up on heroin most: of the time, I dnguized whe had gotten his heroin from and he said he didn't know. 1 asked if he used during high school and he sald he just was a drunk. They mostly just smoked weed and got drunk, Det, Kimberlin inguixed whore thoy would go to party and he said they sometimes would go to the "BY or out by "the trees" or the "87 pits", bet. Kimberlin asked i£ he waa familiar with Carmen Candelaria. lle said yes he knew carmen, He said she used to live in Los chavaz he knew her brothers, she knew the Salz's he heard she moved away when he moved away and he believed che had passed away Dot, Kimborlin asked if he had heard 4f she vas ever involved in Tara's death and he said he had not ever heard anything about that. She asked if he ever partied with her. He gaid he would talk to her but: not that much because he was friends with her brother. bet. Kimberlin asked if he had ever partied with Jake Saiz and he said he had. Once they got in a fight behind the red carpet. I asked if he knew where Jake had lived during that time, Hie said Jake lived with his parents until he was older, He found a girlfriend and had gone kids until they split up, he had moved to Albuquerque. 1 asked if he knew dohnay Padilla and if he was in that group. He said he did know hin he was in the Los Chavez group. f asked if ho had heard if he was involved in Tara's diappearances. We said he had not. Charlie had not named any nanes. He said Charlie had a dirlfriend and was not around and then he got with another girl who had children that Johnny had molested #o after that he had no contact with him, and that had probably been twenty years ago bet. Kimberlin asked if he ever got on facebook, he said his wife Monica Maestas did. She asked if he had heard of a site called "-emanber when” he said he bad beard of it, there was one called remeber when in Bolon and one called remember when in Los Tunas Det. Kimberlin asked if he had ever heard of any threats made on the website about the ‘tara Calico case and people should keep thei: mouth shut. He said he had not. She asked 4€ hie wife logged onto facebook with hie nane and he said no, she uses her own account He had not, heard of any threats on faccbook, sho avked 4f he had heard about where the bike was and he gaid his opinion it would be out where she vas buried at the green lagoons: IENTAL NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT pa wees 1 clarified again the directions to the quarry and he drew a map for directions. 1 tried to clarify where ont there she vas, was she in the water or buried out there. He paid they said "buried" her go he thinks she is buried in the ground, I tried to clarity any other detail about: that he beqan to back off the fact that Charlie had told him she was buried out there and began to way that be just thought that because of what the vaychic had said about her being near water Wee awked again Lf bewee not know the name of the other two gentlensn. She asked dake maybe and he said no not Jake. I aaked again if he knew Seott Cunningham or Lawrence Chavez and he said no. We asked if he knew a Kenny Chavez they called "Red" and he said he did know a Kenny Red who wae a drunk around town. He thought he was a security guy for Allen pouglas construction. He aaid he did not know if he was a part of that group. fs wath With hin and he eadd yoo lmwsence was With him but he did I asked i£ he knew any Hoffines and he eaid be knew Hoath Moffines and Donna Hoffines. 1 asked if they were a part of that group and Ge said they hung around with the cowboys so they were not real close to them. T asked if they were younger ox older than him when Tara graduated. we said he is 48 and she would be 42. We acked if he knew her and he said he did, they went to school together because he got held back a year in school. Det. Kimberlin asked if he ever partied with her and he gaid no he never had she was not the "party type" she would go home to do her homework and take care of what she had to do. T asked if he was familiar with Jeff Abeyta whon she was dating her. He gaid he knew Jefe abeyta but did not know they were dating. He was not aware they had recently broken up. Det. Kimberlin asked if dake Saiz had ever dated her and he said he did not have any information about that or even if he Liked her, I summarized what he knew about her disappearance was what Charlie had told him. He cata Charlie had killed himself "cook the easy way out" He sald he thought he did it to escape the voices. Det. Kimberlin tried to clarify again that charlie had said she was buried at the Iagoons and he said Charlie vad just freaking out because Tara was asking him way they Killed hex. There ds no actual set in stone yes the body is buried here. He is just putting two and two together about the water. I clavificd we are familiar with the goup but are looking for any information sbout where the body might be buried so the family can have sone clomura, We asked if he stl had any contact with anyone in the group, Donald aid he still talks to dake when he sees him at the hospital where he works and he had talked to him when Jakes parents died We clarified ne would be willing to talk to ue again if we needed ik? And he said yes he would. I advised we are trying to find some closure for the family and he said that was why he wanted co help He paid he ie familiar with the Doel family because hie father in law used to work with waxa's mon. EPORT cae posers NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPOR’ Tees gees We talked about nome of the other people imvolved and he said he had heard the ex: sherif? Tawrence Romero had been involved ard that also Rene Rivera had something to do with it During thie time Det. Kiwberlin was receiving text messages from Ray Downs the Homeland Security computer information member of the Task Fores. Mr, Downs was requesting information on a list of people he found of intereat aa he provided Intel information for the Tagk Force. Dot, Kimberiin asked ir he knew a verry mucler or a xobin and ne aid he did he was Jimmy Jack Butler's cousin. He was a person that does dope and didn't know him very well. He knew his brother Dean had hung himself, and he believed he had Jung out with Charles Houghton, Wie apked ig he could think of anyone else we should talk to. And he said no. pet Kinberlin agked if Jimmy Jack was still around and he said yes he lived in his Dad's house down in Helen by Anna Becker Park, he a about 44 or 45 or so. Don asked again about Scott Cunningham and clarified he had not heard that name before. Det. Kimberlin aked again about the Hoffines but he said he did not know if they ung ont with hin. Det. Kimberlin asked if he knew Manny Lovato and he said yea he did, ne went to school with hig older brothers and Nanny would hang around. T asked if he thought Lawrence Romero Gr, would talk to us and he said "he youldn't way nothing". we is dixty and always has been dirty like Rene Rivera, He believes they have always been dirty but nothing he could prove. pet, Kinberlin asked ££ he was aware there was now a money reward he said he was. He gaid he was into this for the clomure gor the faiully, "The money would be nice" but he would Like a place the family could go. Like « grave site or something. Donald said he would ask his wife about the facebook thing, but he had not heard about it, pet, Kimberlin asked 1f Hoffines ever hung out with Jeff Abeyta and he sald not really other than just to party. she then apked about Ruthie Rivera and he did not know her, ‘this completed the interview. CONCLUSION INTERVIEW Det, Kimberlin and £ both provided Mx. Dutcher our business carda and asked if he heard anything further to please contact us. on December 19, 2013 T received an email fron Ray Downs that stated to contact him asap. wr, Downe gaid he had received a call from Nanny Lovato asking why we bad mentioned his name in an interview with Donald Dutcher, He was afraid ur. Dutcher had been told that Manny had provided information on the case. Mr. Lovato said as soon as Mr. Dutchor got out of our interview he had contacted Manny and told him he had been drug in for an interview and that Manny's name had been brought up as a suspect. We clarified for him hig name had not been bzought up as anyone that had given information and that Wanny had contacted ua to provide info, we had not sought him out. caTauneporr = rome rae] re | oF et ere SMYSP21L3 2013-17846 iH | 6 6 ‘The Task Force is now concerned that Donald Dutcher vho cane in aa a cooperative subject ja now calling the people we discussed to fe11 then they are targets in our investigation on December 20, 2019 I drove down Camino Del Llano to the Marble Quarry Ka. and acrosa the Rio Puerco to the Taleta Pueblo land located west of Belen. I came into contact with Fransico Chavoz doing cattle guard repair, fe advised the quarry vas still several miles down the road wid Ulal « £uus whesl drive vehicle would be nesded to yo into the azea, or at least a truck. He contacted hia supervisor Martin Abeyta the superintendent for work in the area with the pusblo. Mr. Aboyta said he would contact me after Christmas bofore New Year's and take me around the area. T advised we would Like the investigation to be kept con£idential and he advised he understood, ‘Qhic completes this report any further information will be added by supplemental report “Ghoinmeoretoet” FY“ Sectaeronten eertanton XX baa TFN OT 7a =r RICHARD WILLTAMSON AGENT. 3480 12/23/2013, SHFEREY SMITH, ouRGEDNT 304918 33/23/2013 RREELTEMBON 33/23/2013 RTT SAE, Serr AEC ACTIVE 1} 12/23/2013. TREY OF ROTA. OSE TART OTE OT ETS) 2 NEW MEXICO SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT cane aie (09/20/1908 awrracwona.oare 04/28/2014 Joucrmcrraccreramm 1 - MIGSINGH PERSON orcs eu) lccnnowcroscoweNce Address Type: HIGHWAY OR ROAD county: VAGENCIA Country: JNITED STATES Descriptive Info: VALENCIA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. Tio EEN CODER pete OFT) Terao REN | TOTAL AT SUP # 3 TB CASE 4 13-23-3-0168 CUTS # 2013-37046 TARA CALICO ARK FORCE The following supplemental report documents my assistance to the Cold Case Task Force and the forwarding of a tip recieved through the State Police Facebook page. on April 23, 2014, was assigned by Sergeant Tom Christian, New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau/Albuquerque to follow ap on a tip that had been gent via the New Mexico State Police Facebook account, ‘the tip came from an individual named Mike Wingo and appeared to be a disorganized rambling. the subject did mention @ person of interest to the Cold Case Task Force Eormed in October of 2013. x had been agnigned to the task force from October 15, 2013 through January 15, 2014. 1 wae familiar with some of the names that had come up in several different theories concerning the dimappearance and death of ‘Tava Calico, T had been out of touch with the task force for three months and I actually thought the time for ite existence had expired and the detectives assigned to Lt would have been sent: back to their departments or prior assignments. I felt it most prudent to run any developments through the task force @ince I had returned to my prior adsignmant and was not aware of the current investigation if any the task force was pursuing, E contacted Detective Mike Fisher with Hernalilie County Sheriff's Department: who advised they are still actively involved in the task force and he connected we by conference call to the other two members and we discussed the information provided by Mr. Wingo. 1 forwarded by e-mail the tip and contact information from Mr. Wingo to Det. Mike Fisher and he advised the task force had two other preasing Linea of inveatigation at tne moment, But aa goon as they could contact Nr. Wingo they would and then advise me of any developmente that may have come from tho tip ‘hie completed wy involvement in the forwarding of a facebook tip received by the state Police to the Cold Case Task Force for Tara Calico

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